Best restaurants in Minsk - photos, prices

Best restaurants in Minsk

Best restaurants in Minsk

The capital of Belarus was and remains a small city, especially in comparison with its neighbors - Moscow, Kiev or Warsaw. It is very calm, cozy and hospitable here. The best restaurants in Minsk, like other cultural institutions, are concentrated in the historical part of the city, Troitsky and Rakovsky suburbs. Once it was practically the outskirts, today they retain the spirit and aroma of the old provincial town.

Traditional Belarusian folk cuisine is distinguished by its simplicity of preparation and satiety. The most popular dish is pancakes - grated potato pancakes. Since the heyday of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, recipes for making bear lips in cranberry sauce have been preserved. In today's restaurants, of course, this dish is unlikely to be found, but many original recipes from local and foreign chefs will undoubtedly delight the soul of any gourmet..

Restaurant of the Year

This is the title that one of the Minsk restaurants with the strange name Labrador received recently. The restaurant employees position their brainchild as a cozy, calm place, where there is no fuss and annoying musicians..

Here you can have a great dinner with friends, organize a business lunch for dear partners or have a romantic dinner with your beloved spouse. It is especially pleasant that there are comfortable gazebos, each with a barbecue and a fireplace. For those who are themselves an excellent culinary specialist, there is an opportunity to regale their friends with their own exquisite dish..

On the culinary Olympus

Another Minsk institution has conquered culinary heights more than once and became a winner in various competitions. Restaurant with a beautiful name «Singing Fountains», despite the fact that it is located in the center of the Belarusian capital, it surprises with its excellent Italian cuisine.
Especially pleasant for the employees of this institution were the marks for the high level of dishes presented by Andrey Makarevich, the former host of the program. «Gusto», who is a good cook himself.

Belarusian relish

In a restaurant with a mysterious name «Tavern on Parkova» will be glad to all lovers of the original Belarusian cuisine. By tradition, the guests are warmly welcomed here by the merchant Nikanor and the merchant Peacock, who are nourishingly treated and amused until they drop. It is here that are ready:

  • organize one of the Slavic rituals;
  • serve signature dishes with a show program;
  • have a picnic outdoors.

Minsk pleases, surprises and delights, and not only the cleanliness of the streets and the comfort of parks and squares, but also the cuisine. Moreover, in the capital you can find traditional dishes and the most popular recipes of the world, and world stars of cookery come to work in the city's restaurants..


  • Best restaurants in Minsk
  • Best restaurants in Minsk
  • Best restaurants in Minsk