Transport in Brest. Public transport in Brest - types, development

Transport in Brest

Transport in Brest

The old and beautiful Belarusian city is comfortably located at the confluence of the Bug and Mukhavets, on the very border with Poland. Brest has long had the title of a hero city, because its defenders were able to hold back the pressure of the German invaders for a long time at the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War..

The main attraction of this beautiful and famous place for its history is the Brest Fortress. And as in the world all roads lead to Rome, here almost all routes are connected with heroic bastions. Transport in Brest is built in such a way that you can get here directly from any part of the city.

For all tastes

Brest is a small regional center, but the system of vehicles plying the city streets and suburbs is fully represented: buses; trolleybuses (a relatively young mode of transport for the city); Taxi; route taxis.

It is quite simple to navigate the city, there are plenty of guidebooks and maps, the locals are cordial and hospitable and will always help. It so happened that Brest is located at the crossroads, there are always many guests from different countries, primarily from Poland..

Bus ride

This type of transport is one of the most popular, its characteristic features are a fairly high speed, regularity, and, most importantly, a low ticket price. You can buy travel tickets or one-time coupons at special kiosks or from the driver, but when buying in the salon, the cost is higher, and sometimes tickets may not be available. On some routes there are conductors, so coupons are purchased on the spot.

Some large grocery stores have brought their own buses on the line, travel in them is free. This was done for the convenience of customers, but very often both ordinary Brest residents and guests of the city use such transport without going to the store.

Route taxi

This type of private vehicles of the regional center is the main competitor to state buses and trolleybuses. The travel speed of these small vehicles is much higher, as is the maneuverability. The fare is approximately twice as high, but this does not stop the residents of Brest, as well as tourists..

By choosing a fixed-route taxi, people save time and get a comfortable ride (most cars are allowed to travel only while sitting). With the help of such cars, you can quickly get to the main attraction - the Brest Fortress.

The second route, popular among the guests of the city, is laid in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where adults and children come to get acquainted with the king of the Belarusian forests - the bison. Santa Claus and his assistants await the kids in the forest in winter.


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