Rest in Belarus in August: prices and weather. Where to relax in Belarus in August

Rest in Belarus in August

Rest in Belarus in August

This relatively small but very proud Eastern European country is taking its first steps in the tourism business. It is clear that for now she cannot compete with the world's monsters in this matter. But with each season, the list of services is expanding, there are good opportunities for the development of ecological and event tourism..

And some local tourist sites have long become a business card and do not ask for additional advertising. Rest in Belarus in August will bring only positive emotions, especially for tourists who have chosen the city of Brest and its surroundings to explore the country. In the regional center, many monuments have survived, which are witnesses of bygone times. In Belovezhskaya Pushcha, big and small tourists will be greeted with dignity by the real masters of the forest kingdom - bison.

Weather in August in Belarus

The last month of the Belarusian summer pleases with warmth and serenity. Flying cobwebs and yellowed fields remind of the imminent arrival of the queen-autumn. But for now, you can safely travel to the secluded corners of Belarus, without fear of cold or winds..

The temperature in the north and south of the country does not differ much, in Brest the thermometer will be close to +22 ° C, in Vitebsk it is 1-2 ° C colder. Rains are extremely rare, so the most fertile time for organizing tourist trips comes.

Journey through the forest kingdom

Belarus boasts a unique natural monument included in the UNESCO list of natural heritage. Only the laziest have not heard about Belovezhskaya Pushcha, and all thanks to the famous song. The soulful poems of Nikolai Dobronravov sink deep into the soul, so many of the tourists come here from «the list» what to see and hear here.

But the main attraction is the real owners of Belovezhskaya Pushcha - handsome bison, which travelers from different countries dream to see. Aviaries with animals allow you to get to know the different inhabitants of the local forests. Knowledge will be supplemented by the exposition of the local Museum of Nature, where they will even tell about those inhabitants who have already left the world.

Hero city

Small Belarus has two cities marked with such an important title. The Brest Fortress was at one time the first to defend the borders from the fascist invaders. Now, on the contrary, this complex is a kind of brand of the regional center and welcomes peaceful visitors with pleasure. In addition to this main Brest tourist site, other architectural monuments have been preserved in the city. Many of the city's guests rush to St. Nicholas Garrison Cathedral, Holy Cross Church or the ruins of the monastery..

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  • Rest in Belarus in August
  • Rest in Belarus in August