Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina: map, photo. What is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Sarajevo - the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is an amazing place that combines the main features of western and eastern cities. Quite often it is compared to Jerusalem. The labyrinths of narrow streets of the classic Turkish city frame the Bosnian houses with their traditional red roofs. Minarets are visible everywhere, and the background of the city is adorned with the slopes of the Dinaric Alps..

Pigeon square

Pigeon Square can be found while walking around the old part of the city. A huge number of pigeons feed on it, reaching several thousand. Doves are a sacred bird according to the Islamic faith, which has a huge influence here..

Narrow streets adjacent to the square hide numerous shops and workshops. The craftsmen and their apprentices, traditionally curling their legs in Turkish style, create a real miracle. Round carved dishes, trays, jugs with surprisingly thin necks and, of course, a variety of jewelry come out of their hands..

Historical Center

The old part of the city is called Stari Grad and is of particular historical interest. The construction of the quarters took place continuously for several centuries. The beginning was laid during the reign of the Ottoman Empire and lasted until the twentieth century..

The center of Stari Grad is the Bascarsija district, the center of which is decorated with a square with a huge fountain. A huge number of narrow streets diverge from the square, on which, as in ancient times, artisans continue to create their masterpieces.

Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The largest cathedral in the whole country. Many people know him as «Sarajevo Cathedral». You can find it while walking along Ferkhadia Street. The temple is one of the main attractions and, as before, serves as the Catholic center of the city. The project of the temple belongs to the architect Josipo Vance, who built it in the neo-Gothic style. Built in 1889, it somewhat repeats the style of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.

Olympic Museum

The museum was opened in 1984. It is located in a mansion that once belonged to the famous lawyer Nicola Mandic. Previously, it was the headquarters of the American Embassy, ​​and later - the Committee of the Communist Party of the capital. The opening of the museum is a kind of memory of the largest sporting event that took place in Southeast Europe.

Tunnel of life

The Tunnel of Life Museum is a pretty interesting place. Once the tunnel had as much as 850 meters in length, but today only 25 meters have survived. The museum is located in one of the private houses (near the capital airport), from where it was possible to go underground. During the period of hostilities (1992-1995) Sarajevo was taken into the ring and the necessary cargoes entered the city precisely through this tunnel..