The beaches of Burgas: photo, video. The best sandy beaches in Burgas (Bulgaria)

Burgas beaches

Holidays in Bulgaria are what many dream about, without even realizing how easy it is to turn their dreams into reality. The best sandy beaches of Burgas await you every year, enticing you with golden sands and crystal clear waters of the Black Sea. Surprisingly, a fabulous vacation in Bulgaria will not cost you a pretty penny - the prices here are very reasonable, commensurate with the quality of the services provided. Perhaps the most expensive will be only the trip to Bulgaria.

Central beach

Sometimes the Central Beach of Burgas is compared to the beaches of the Canary Islands. This comparison is not exaggerated at all: here is the same clean and dark sand, the color of which is explained by the admixture of magnetite. The rental of some beach equipment is free here - vacationers can take an umbrella to protect themselves from the scorching sun, or a sun lounger to make their vacation even more comfortable. The number of beach equipment is only increasing every year, therefore, there are always quite a lot of people who want to sunbathe here, especially in the evenings. It is mainly the guests of the city who drop in on the Central Beach of Burgas, because the locals are aware of less crowded places. However, it is worth remembering that Burgas is a port city, so the water here is not always clean. This disadvantage is more than compensated by the fact that since 2008 the famous music festival with the curious name Spirit of Burgas has been held here every year..

In addition to the international festival and free rental of beach equipment, Central Beach will also delight you with the following delights:

  1. water bike rental;
  2. the proximity of various cafeterias and pubs;
  3. convenient transport interchange - buses from here go to almost anywhere in the city;
  4. real expanse for your children - shallow depth, gently sloping seabed.

It is also noteworthy that the Central Beach is located very close to the Marine Park, which is one of the most popular attractions in the city..

Bay of Burgas

Arriving vacationers very often choose the Bay of Burgas as a place for seasonal recreation. It is much quieter here than on Central Beach, while the beach itself is sandy, and the waves are rarely very high. On the seabed, you will not find large stones or sharp shells, so here you can relax with children. The Bay of Burgas is an ideal place for those who love windsurfing, as this place is considered a real paradise for fans of this sport. More or less powerful winds are here from March to October, but the best time to relax is, of course, such months as May, June and September. Burgas beaches delight fans of extreme sports, but this bay suits them best.

Photos of the beaches of Burgas