Holidays in Bulgaria in February: prices and weather. Where to relax in Bulgaria in February

Holidays in Bulgaria in February

Fans of mountain sports are sure that it is at the end of winter in the resorts of Bulgaria that you can relax as fully and interestingly as possible. On the eve of spring days, the weather here is literally trying to make up for everything that was lacking in previous months..

Features of the February holiday in Bulgaria

February on the territory of this Balkan country is rightly considered the snowiest. The amount of precipitation turns out to be decent. At the same time, there is practically no rain during this period. Bulgaria in February will delight guests with spotless white snows. However, it is worth remembering that heavy snowfalls and blizzards at the end of winter are not uncommon here. Often gigantic snowdrifts can paralyze communication between cities and even with other countries..

Moreover, the vagaries of nature can isolate entire villages, depriving them of water and electricity. However, it is fair to say that Russian tourists are not afraid of those cataclysms that plunge the local population into panic. For travelers, this becomes a reason to search for new, non-trivial entertainment. But it is worth remembering that due to heavy snowfalls in some Bulgarian resorts, the operation of lifts may be suspended. Therefore, it is not always possible to ride to your heart's content..

What is the weather in Bulgaria in February

February vacation in Bulgaria in the mountains is good because there is a lot of sunshine. As for the temperature regime, it is not the same at different resorts. For example, in Bansko, even during the day, the temperature can vary from -6 to -10. Climatic conditions are somewhat milder on the territory of the Pamporovo resort. An abundance of sun reigns here at the end of winter. In addition, the potential for avalanches is minimal. During the day, the air temperature here is practically zero. However, closer to night hours, it can drop to -10 degrees below zero. In February, there are practically no piercing, strong winds..

There are almost no sharp fluctuations in temperature in Borovets. At the foot of the mountains, the temperature level here is close to zero. On the slopes of the Rila ridge, the temperature can be around -3. However, at night, the level can drop to 10 degrees below zero. Changes of winds are not uncommon in this Bulgarian resort. That is why it is recommended to be puzzled by the purchase of a ski suit made of windproof materials..

Photos of holidays in Bulgaria