Holidays in Bulgaria in January: prices and weather. Where to relax in Bulgaria in January

Holidays in Bulgaria in January

Winter Bulgaria is famous for its ski resorts. The high season is in January. At this time, hundreds of fans of this sport come here in search of active recreation, so there are plenty of people at the country's most popular resorts. It is better to buy tours to Bulgaria in advance due to the large influx of tourists.

Beach lovers will have to wait for a better time. And for those who like to spend time with benefit, it will be possible to wander around the local attractions. Although for this purpose Bulgaria is rarely visited in January.

The best winter resorts in Bulgaria

Ski resorts in Bulgaria are a great example of a high level of service for guests. Coming to ski, it is enough to bring only warm sportswear. The resorts have rental offices for everything you need for skiing. You can also buy your own equipment in the local shops, of which there are more than a dozen. Various swimming pools, jacuzzis and saunas are also available, so a bathing suit will not be superfluous..

The best ski resorts in Bulgaria can rightfully be considered: Bansko; Pamporovo; Borovets; Vitosha-Aleko.

The mountain resort Borovets is an excellent option for a family vacation. There is almost always the optimum temperature here, the weather is pretty calm. In addition, Borovets is the oldest resort in Bulgaria. There is a very developed infrastructure and excellent tracks..

Beginners in alpine skiing should go to Pamporovo. The most fashionable resort in the country can be called Bansko. The title of the most unpredictable can be given to the Vitosha-Aleko resort. There are often sudden changes in temperature, which is due to the location of the resort, because it is considered the highest mountain.

Weather in Bulgaria in January

The coldest month in Bulgaria is January. Although, compared to the harsh Siberian winters, January in Bulgaria is much warmer. The average daytime temperature does not drop below 0 degrees, which is especially typical for the coastal cities of the country. In the region of the mountains, it can drop to -10-15 degrees. Quite comfortable weather makes holidays in Bulgaria in January perfect for those who come here with their families. Precipitation in January falls quite rarely here, although it can sometimes rain. Before traveling to Bulgaria in winter, you should always find out in advance the forecast of weather forecasters. A sudden surprise in the form of blizzards can come from the Bulgarian weather. Such a weather phenomenon rarely happens, but it can significantly spoil the rest..

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