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Treatment in Bulgaria

The main healing factors in Bulgaria are the sea and the sun, to meet with which thousands of travelers from different countries go every year. And the local nature has endowed people with healing thermal springs, whose beneficial properties were used long before the onset of a new era. Today Russian travelers also come to Bulgaria for rest and treatment. A short flight, understandable language and very affordable prices allow using the services of Bulgarian health resorts for a wide variety of social and age groups of tourists..

Important rules

To travel abroad, Russian citizens are better off having a travel insurance medical policy, according to which you can get emergency and ambulance medical care free of charge. This is an optional but very desirable condition for a trip to Bulgaria. Having insured against unpleasant surprises, you can feel much more comfortable.

When choosing a sanatorium for treatment in Bulgaria, it is important to understand what kind of disease the health resort specializes on. The Black Sea resorts offer comprehensive programs of healing and general strengthening of the body, but among them you can choose a sanatorium, the doctors of which have a narrower focus of work..

How do they help here?

Foreign citizens undergoing treatment in Bulgaria pay for all services in full. The residents of the country themselves have health insurance, according to which most of the services provided are paid for by the insurance company. With a European medical card, citizens of the European Union can get free help and even have an emergency operation.

Methods and achievements

Treatment methods in Bulgaria are based on the use of thermal waters and healing mud, and the best results can be achieved with a combination of components:

  • The Pomorie resort is a favorite vacation spot for those who care for beauty and health. The mud of the local lake is an ideal base for applications and wraps that help get rid of skin problems, cellulite, joint diseases and urological pathologies.
  • In Velingrad, the waters of thermal springs are rich in silicon, and therefore serve as a panacea for digestive problems. Treatment programs in Velingrad will help to improve the work of the endocrine glands, normalize blood pressure, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Issue price

Treatment in Bulgaria at thermal resorts is still inexpensive, but very effective. Many years of experience and the experience of local specialists allow patients to get rid of chronic and acute diseases, while paying significantly less than in other European health resorts. An independent trip to Bulgaria will help reduce the cost of treatment. If you rent a private apartment for the duration of your vacation and use only the treatment program of the selected sanatorium, you will be able to significantly save.