Provinces of Canada: photo, map. Areas of Canada

Provinces of Canada

Provinces of Canada

Canada, located in North America, occupies a modest position in the world tourist ranking, despite the fact that it is in an honorable second place after Russia in terms of area. This can be explained by the remoteness of the territories from the potential tourist and some slowness of the operators. But many provinces of Canada, meanwhile, can surprise even seasoned and experienced tourists..

Atlantic Canada

This region contains provinces with very picturesque names, including:

  • Nova Scotia - it is clear from the name who to thank for its appearance on the world map;
  • Prince Edward Island;
  • Newfoundland and Labrador, whose names for some reason immediately associate tourists with dog breeds;
  • New Brunswick is a bilingual territory, French and English.

The most beautiful place in New Brunswick is the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world. This cove is located on the border with Nova Scotia. The province, in addition to the beautiful seaside landscape, is united by many national and local natural parks. Another natural complex of national level is located on Prince Edward Island..

Quebec is in the lead

This definition applies to the Canadian province of Quebec, which is the leader in terms of area and second in terms of the number of local residents. This territory is also called New France - it is in the province of Quebec that the largest French-speaking city of Montreal is located. Different cultures and peoples have found their place in this beautiful city, the most important literary and musical projects are carried out in «Latin Quarter». Montreal hosts major international projects, for example, the International Jazz Festival, a festival of francophone music, a parade of the best pyrotechnics on the planet.

Canadian prairie

This region of the country includes three provinces and is characterized by a rich landscape. A tourist traveling to these places can see hills and fields, forests and lakes, beautiful rock formations. And local ski resorts have already found their ardent fans, whose numbers are growing every year..

The highlight of a trip to the Canadian Prairies is a visit to Vancouver, where there are simply amazing places, for example, a modern science center, the building of which is crowned with a dinosaur figure, or an observation deck on the Harbor Center tower, which offers breathtaking views.

Pictures of the provinces of Canada

  • Provinces of Canada
  • Provinces of Canada
  • Provinces of Canada