Airport in Karlovy Vary: scheme, photo. How to get to the airport in Karlovy Vary

Airport in Karlovy Vary

Airport in Karlovy Vary

The international airport in Karlovy Vary is located in a beautiful location. Already at the airport, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the beauty of nature and the tranquility of the resort town, despite the hum of arriving and departing planes.

The airport has two runways with a length of 2,100 and 1,000 meters. Its capacity is over one hundred thousand passengers a year. The company successfully cooperates with Russian air carriers «Aeroflot», «Russia», «Ural Airlines».


The first airfield in Karlovy Vary appeared in 1929. It was an unpaved field that received flights from several German and Czech cities. But already in 1933 a new terminal building was built..

During the Second World War, the airport was used by German aviation (company «Luftwaffe»), causing serious damage to the airport. Therefore, in the post-war years, the air harbor had to be restored. Its action was resumed in 1946..

Since that time, the airport has been repeatedly reconstructed and reorganized. In 1989, having received international status, the company established international transportation.

Currently, the air harbor has a state-of-the-art two-story terminal, from where all domestic and international flights are operated..

Service and services

Despite the small area, the airport terminal has the necessary range of services for comfortable passenger service. There are check-in desks on the ground floor of the terminal. Here are the airline ticket offices. «Czech Airlines» (ČSA), where you can buy or change a ticket, as well as a baggage packing point to protect it during travel. There is a cafe and a restaurant nearby. There is a branch of the Czech Bank, a currency exchange office and an ATM.

On the second floor there are arrivals areas for international and domestic flights, baggage claim and duty-free shops.


There are several ways to get to the city from the airport in Karlovy Vary:
 public transport - bus number 8 leaves for the city several times a day, its stop is located next to the terminal building
• individual transfer - ordered in advance, via the Internet. Meet and escort to the destination by Russian-speaking professional drivers
 Taxi - you can order it without leaving the airport, as well as from the plane, even before landing.

Photos of the airport in Karlovy Vary

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