Holidays in the Czech Republic in August: prices and weather. Where to relax in the Czech Republic in August

Holidays in the Czech Republic in August

Holidays in the Czech Republic in August

The last month of summer continues to delight the indigenous people of the Czech Republic and guests who come here on a business trip, on vacation or on an excursion. There are still many sunny days, the rains bring only short-term visits, giving tourists the opportunity to visit museums or do shopping.

By the way, travelers who choose a vacation in the Czech Republic in August get to the beginning of summer sales. This is a very good way to get acquainted with the country, cultural attractions, have time to update your summer wardrobe and immediately demonstrate it, defiling along the old streets and back streets. It is still impossible to compare shopping with Italian, but many pretty representatives of famous brands may end up in the suitcase of a tourist and his wife.

August weather

Summer is slowly losing ground, so the temperature column indicates the same, more and more often stopping at around +18 ºC and only occasionally pleasing with a comfortable temperature of +22 ºC.

In the evening, a cold wind often crosses borders, which makes tourists think of warm sweaters and jackets. It is good that the rains are not always its companions, allowing guests of the city to fully enjoy the journey through the amazing Czech Republic..

The most brutal festival

The music festival, which is held in early August at the Josefov Fortress, brings together musicians and fans who love metal rock. And if only local rockers gathered at the first such festivals, then the coolest teams from all over the world come to impress today's guests..

The festival surprises with an abundance of black, hard rhythms and brutal men, while eminent and novice rock musicians perform under the motto «Against violence and intolerance». Each of the participants and guests receives a belt as a gift, a booklet with the festival program, rules of conduct, and a map are attached to it. A special camping will allow those who come from far away to stay quite comfortably, and the most prudent, who have booked a place in advance, will put up a tent in the VIP zone..

Meeting with Shakespeare

Amazing Czech Republic in August prepared a lot of surprises for the guests, and for the locals too. There are many Shakespeare Festival events in great Prague. The peculiarity of this grandiose cultural project is that all performances are held in the open air, gathering many admirers of the great English playwright's talent and modern interpreters of his work. A lot of pleasure and positive emotions are provided.

Photos of rest in the Czech Republic

  • Holidays in the Czech Republic in August
  • Holidays in the Czech Republic in August