Holidays in the Czech Republic in March: prices and weather. Where to relax in the Czech Republic in March

Holidays in the Czech Republic in March

Holidays in the Czech Republic in March

The former country of the socialist camp is moving with such confident steps into a bright future that one can only rejoice. A tourist going to the Czech Republic, regardless of the time of the visit, can find a lot of exciting things to do. The first month of the Czech spring is ready to delight guests of the country with the arrival of sunny weather, daily rising air temperatures and increasing opportunities for educational tourism. In the absence of crowds of tourists, a vacation in the Czech Republic in March will allow you to fully enjoy excursion programs.

Weather conditions in March

As forecasters assure, spring in the Czech Republic comes before the calendar date, and this cannot but please tourists. Seeing blooming Prague in March is a dream of many, unfortunately, the weather is unstable so far and there are unpleasant surprises too. The temperature fork is observed in the range from +8 ° C to +18 ° C.

Therefore, experienced tourists know that light T-shirts and warm clothes may be needed in the Czech Republic at this time of the year. A jacket and an umbrella will also help you survive the not-so-gentle March rain..

Ski resorts

March is the last month of the ski season and many arriving in the Czech Republic are actively using it. The peak of tourist activity has passed, the number of people at the ski resorts is decreasing, prices are decreasing. In addition to the sport itself, there are all opportunities for excursions around the country.

Many centers are located in national Czech parks, which cannot but delight lovers of pristine nature. One of the most popular resorts for winter sports lovers is Spindleruv Mlyn. Skiers, snowboarders and sledding enthusiasts will find their slopes here..

Sale season in the Czech Republic

Many travel lovers successfully combine educational tourism and entertainment with updating their own wardrobes. In the Czech Republic, as in other European countries, sales are on stream, especially at the end of the season.

Since March opens a new period, accordingly, many shops and boutiques offer the entire winter assortment for sale with significant discounts. This, of course, is used by many tourists..

«Blue Prague»

This is the name given to glass workshops located in the capital of the Czech Republic. In these magical places, the most beautiful, graceful glass objects are made by masters of their craft, glass blowers. The craftsmanship is so precious that it allows you to make even jewelry out of glass, not to mention vases, dishes and figurines..

Photos of rest in the Czech Republic

  • Holidays in the Czech Republic in March
  • Holidays in the Czech Republic in March