Holidays in the Czech Republic in May: prices and weather. Where to relax in the Czech Republic in May

Holidays in the Czech Republic in May

Holidays in the Czech Republic in May

Many will call the last month of the Czech spring ideal for excursions to the beautiful, ancient and eternally young Prague. Everyone will discover their own city, find their favorite places and try to come back here again. Holidays in the Czech Republic in May will bring many new discoveries, introduce you to the rich historical heritage, architecture and culture. Magnificent castles and national parks, opportunities for active tourist recreation and long walks along the old Prague streets, delicious gastronomic hikes and thermal springs - all this is the Czech Republic..

Weather conditions in May

In the final spring month, even weather sets in the Czech Republic, most often, clear and pleasing with the sun. Rare rains do not interfere with the enjoyment of travel, on the contrary, after them the sky becomes azure and the air is fresh.

In May, during the day from +22 ° C to +24 ° C, at night up to +14 ° C, according to local forecasters. This temperature is optimal for walking and traveling..

The May holidays

This last month of spring is rich in holidays, to the delight of tourists, they can get acquainted with national holidays, as well as with the traditions and rituals accompanying them..

Like many other European countries, Labor Day is celebrated in the Czech Republic, and not at all with work, but with active recreation in nature. This country has its own day of great victory, it falls on May 8.

Capital of beer

The holiday dedicated to the famous Czech drink does not fit in one day, or even a week, capturing the first days of summer. Since mid-June, Prague becomes the capital of beer, and this important event attracts a huge number of tourists to the city..

On the outskirts of Prague, a whole tent city grows up. During the holiday, you can get acquainted with dozens of beers presented by large producers and small, private breweries. One of the cutest traditions is buying a drink for thalers, that is, first, the tourist must exchange his currency for old Czech coins and only then go to the tasting.

In memory of the Czech Republic

You can take away from the country a huge number of beautiful or tasty souvenirs. But many of the tourists, in addition to huge suitcases with purchases and gifts, take away a coin of 20 kroons in their pockets. It is on it that there is an image of the main symbol of the Czech Republic, St. Wenceslas, riding a horse. A large monument to this great man is erected on Wenceslas Square..

By the way, you can especially take a tour of the most famous monuments of Prague, and if you take this matter seriously, then you can spend more than one day on a hike in memorable places for Czechs..

Photos of rest in the Czech Republic

  • Holidays in the Czech Republic in May
  • Holidays in the Czech Republic in May