Resorts of the Czech Republic: photos, description

Czech Republic resorts

Czech Republic resorts

Ancient castles and medieval cobblestones, monumental cathedrals and magnificent bridges, ideal natural landscapes and the noise of market squares at Christmas markets - all this is the Czech Republic, near and far, ancient and young. The balneological resorts of the Czech Republic are chosen by fans of the classics, for whom comfort, service and centuries-old principles and recipes of treatment come first..

Always in the TOP

The famous resorts of the Czech Republic, where guests are relieved of all ailments and return joy to life and a positive mood, have a long history. The thermal and mineral waters of the local springs were well known several centuries ago, and therefore the traditions of Czech healing have been accumulated by many years of work of several generations of healers:

  • The Institute of Hydrotherapy was founded in the Czech town of Teplice in the 19th century, although the healing powers of the springs were known ten centuries before. Today, at the Czech spa resort in Teplice, various diseases of the joints, bones and muscles are successfully cured and patients are helped to cope with disorders of the normal physiology of the nervous system. Doctors of local sanatoriums put patients on their feet after severe injuries and ensure successful rehabilitation of postoperative patients.
  • The town of Jachymov is famous for its healing radon baths. In combination with electrotherapy, massages and therapeutic exercises, this method of treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system demonstrates excellent results even in elderly patients..
  • Powerful springs of mineral waters with a high content of hydrogen sulfide, calcium and magnesium served as the reason for the construction of sanatoriums in the Czech resort in the city of Podebrady. Many cardiovascular pathologies are cured here, and the level of rehabilitation measures for patients who have suffered a heart attack or stroke made it possible to include Podebrady in the international list of resorts of world importance..
  • Since the XIV century, Karlovy Vary has been known as a place where you can forget about dozens of ailments, because its healing springs have restored vigor to millions of people throughout the history of the famous health resort..

Active and athletic

They rush to Czech resorts not only for treatment, but also for adrenaline. Ski resorts in Špindlerlerov Mlyn, Krkonoše, Liberec or Harrachov are chosen by fans of high-quality skiing and comfortable infrastructure, for which they do not need to overpay. The Czech slopes are beautiful and well-groomed, the various difficulty levels of the slopes allow both professionals and beginners to ski, and an interesting evening program at the resorts will not allow you to get bored in your free time from active rest.


  • Czech Republic resorts
  • Czech Republic resorts