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Copenhagen Tours

Copenhagen Tours

The capital of the Danish Kingdom is considered one of the quietest European capitals. In all senses. The crime rate is low here, you rarely find a party with a party even on a Friday night, and there are not much less museums than nightclubs. For a Russian, tours to Copenhagen are also a date with childhood, because Hans Christian Andersen wrote his fairy tales in this charming northern city..

History with geography

A small village turned into a fortified city of Copenhagen in the middle of the 12th century after the construction of a castle and fortress walls. This did not help the future Danish capital during the fires and bombings, but the medieval onslaught of the Swedes was successfully repelled by the city walls..
The city is spread over three islands in the North Sea, and today, on the site of the old fortifications, squares and city streets are laid out. According to the influential British magazine Monocle, the capital of the Danish Kingdom is the most livable city on the planet..

Briefly about the important

  • There are direct flights from both Russian capitals to Copenhagen, and you can get from the passenger terminal to the city center by bus. The most popular city transport among participants on tours to Copenhagen is metro and bicycles. A good half of the city's residents also prefer a two-wheeled vehicle, especially since bike paths are laid throughout the historic center.
  • You can also arrive in the capital of Denmark by sea. Cruises in Scandinavia are especially popular among residents and guests of St. Petersburg, from where steamers and ferries depart..
  • The oldest amusement park in the world is a Copenhagen landmark. It was opened in the middle of the 16th century and the entrance to the "Deer Park on the Hill" is still free..

A constellation of museums of the first magnitude

On a tour to Copenhagen, even the most meticulous travelers cannot cope with the full list of city museums, and therefore it is worth focusing on the most famous ones. In the first place, no doubt, is the State Museum of Arts. Its exposition can offer even a sophisticated art critic a reason to enjoy: the halls contain paintings by Rubens and Matisse, Rembrandt and Brueghel.
The history of the kingdom is most clearly traced in the exhibits of the Danish National Museum, and in Rosenborg Castle the attention of the participants of the tour to Copenhagen will undoubtedly be attracted by the collection of jewels of the royal family.


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  • Copenhagen Tours