Bus tours to Europe. Cost of bus tours in Europe 2016

Bus tours to Europe

Bus tours to Europe

Those who like to travel and get new experiences outside their own country often choose an airplane or a car as their main transport. There are undoubtedly advantages of each of these modes of transport, but their disadvantages should also be taken into account..

  • Traveling in your own car, you will have to plan your own route, think about a parking space, and also spend an incredible amount of money on gasoline..
  • If you are going to travel to another country, there may also be problems with the difference in traffic rules..
  • The plane will quickly take you from one point to another, however, you will not have time to properly examine anything..

That is why many travelers choose bus tours to Europe, because this type of travel will allow you to slowly see the sights, not worry about gasoline and the correctness of the chosen path..

Why a bus? The answer is!

Bus tours are popular because many tourists prefer this moderately autonomous form of travel. A special peak has been observed recently, when prices for air tickets have risen sharply, and it is becoming more and more dangerous to travel by car in some countries..

It is noteworthy that bus tours in Europe allow you to see several countries in a week. For example, you can choose to travel to the cities of the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland, and you do not have to spend so much money on it. On this journey you will be accompanied by a guide who will tell the history of cities, describe the best sights and control 90% of your movement..

Bus tours around Germany, France and the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula are also popular. Tourists who decide to explore Finland, Sweden and Norway should also prepare for the fact that they will have to travel by ferries..

New experiences and relaxation at sea

Very often there are special offers that promise travelers not only a promenade through the best cultural places of the city and country, but also a vacation at a local resort. Such a tour is ideal for you if you want not only to get an unforgettable experience, but also to sunbathe and relax on the white sand, remembering the wonderful moments of the whole trip..

Such tours, including a cultural program and recreation at sea, are most often offered by the following countries:

  • Spain.
  • Croatia.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Italy.
  • Ukraine.

If you decide to explore part of Europe by bus, you will be pleasantly surprised by the huge number of offers. On such a trip it is not necessary to take friends with you, because the chances of meeting new people on such a tour are very high..

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