Cruises in Europe - sea and river cruises

Cruises in Europe

Cruises in Europe

Do not be surprised that cruises in Europe are becoming more popular from year to year. The reason for the popularity lies not so much in the exceptional comfort of such travel and the atmosphere of romance, but mostly in the "assortment" of cities and countries that can be visited during one trip and the variety of excursion programs offered during the cruise..

Travelers of different ages, with different interests - families with children, newlyweds, groups of friends and elderly couples will be able to find during a sea or river trip that which will really interest them deeply, for which they went on a short trip on the waves ... and that's it. it can be seen in a short time.   

Sea cruises in Europe

The choice of sea cruises in Europe today is large enough not to satisfy the demand of a large mass of lovers of sea travel along the coast of Europe. Enjoy an extensive collection of Mediterranean cruises with calls to the picturesque ports of Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Malta, France ... England, Ireland and Scotland welcome you with friendly winds. Iceland will amaze you with unique landscapes that can only compete with the Norwegian fjords with their fantastic views. Scandinavia will amaze you with its rugged beauty and hospitality of its inhabitants.

Going ashore, you will visit many interesting cities, see the most famous European sights. Or maybe you just sit on the waterfront in one of the cozy cafes to feel the atmosphere of a seaside city.   

River cruises in Europe

A huge variety of cruises along the waterways of Europe, with their picturesque towns and villages scattered along the coast, allow you to enjoy the routes that the descendants of modern Europe have used for centuries. You will be able to see the already familiar cities from an unusual perspective - as they were once seen by merchants arriving with goods in, as now, the busy ports of Eastern, Southern and Western Europe.
Choosing a cruise on the Danube, you will go along the shores of Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Croatia.

Having made a choice in favor of the beautiful Rhone, you will enjoy the landscapes of the French provinces.
Passing along the water surface of the Rhine, slowly moving through its deep locks, you will see France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland.

Whichever cruise you prefer - river or sea, whichever route you choose - in any case, on this trip you will definitely get an unforgettable experience, even if during the entire voyage you never get off the board of a comfortable liner, which for a short time will become your cozy home.

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  • Cruises in Europe
  • Cruises in Europe