Diving in Europe - places for diving, photos

Diving in Europe

Diving in Europe

Quite often, when going on a trip to «old lady Europe», tourists are interested in where is the best place to dive. So, diving in Europe - interesting places

Austria, lake Hallstättersee

This is not an ordinary dive site. Here, plunging to the bottom, you find yourself in a huge underwater forest. The trees that stand here are already a thousand years old..

Wreck diving enthusiasts will also love the lake. In the depths, you can inspect the remains of the once majestic ship - «Crown Prince Rudolph».

Greece island Crete

The rocky shores of the western part of the island continue below the surface of the water. Divers will find interesting vertical dives, as well as underwater rocks and coral reefs that have become home to huge octopuses and nimble conger eels. There are also a lot of small curious fish here..

The next interesting place in Crete is the Skinaria area. Here you will find yourself in underwater canyons with amazing underwater landscapes. Be sure to check out the anchor «cemetery», located in the Panormo area.

Near the island of Santorini, you can see an active underwater volcano. But this adventure is not for beginners.

Italy, west coast

The Gulf of Naples invites divers to walk among caves and caverns - living reminders of large-scale eruptions of underwater volcanoes. Here you will be greeted by a huge variety of colorful fish, seahorses, as well as large octopuses and moray eels. The island of Capri, located near the west coast, will be of interest to divers for its huge underwater caves.

Spain, Medes Islands

Located near the Costa Brava, in the Girona area, they once served as a resting place for merchants and sea pirates. The underwater world of the local water area is amazingly beautiful. Divers during the dive are accompanied not only by colorful nudibranchs and threadbirds, but also by dolphins.


There are many opportunities for Davers in Malta. Here you can admire the amazingly beautiful landscapes of the bottom, and see the numerous inhabitants of the underwater kingdom.

And besides, make fascinating wreck dives, since the local water area is simply strewn with ships of different eras that have sunk to the bottom. This is explained by the fortunate position of Malta, so many sailors and their ships have forever found peace on the rocky shores..

Norway, Lofoten Islands

An amazingly beautiful place. And not only the nature of the islands themselves, but also the underwater seascapes. Here is one of the famous whirlpools - Moskenesstraumen. And the diving itself will give you a lot of aesthetic pleasure: in the crystal clear water, among beautiful algae and flocks of numerous fish, you can inspect the wreckage of ships that have sunk to the bottom. Orcas are frequent guests of these places. Especially they are drawn here in winter.


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