Airport in Rovaniemi: scheme, photo. How to get to Rovaniemi airport

Airport in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi Airport is located about 11 km from the center of the city of the same name in Finland. A very important tourist airport, which ranks fourth in terms of passengers served per year. More than 400 thousand passengers are served here annually.
During 2014 Finavia - the main based company - planned an airport modernization.
At the moment, Rovaniemi Airport has one runway with a length of 3000 meters and one terminal. The northern part of the runway is crossed by the Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi Airport is also used by the Lapland Air Force and the country's border guards..


The airport was first opened in 1940, having 2 runways at that time. During World War II, Rovaniemi Airport was actively used by the German Air Force as an air base..

Santa Claus airport

The airport in Rovaniemi is rightfully considered the airport of Santa Claus. About 2 km from the airport is the village of Santa Claus, located in the city of Lapland. It is believed that Santa Claus hails from this city, and the village is his place of residence. Therefore, the main flow of airport passengers falls on November-January - the time of Christmas celebrations. And in front of the entrance to the airport terminal there are 2 snowmen, the height of which is about 6 meters.


The airport in Rovaniemi has only one small terminal, so getting lost in it is quite difficult. After passport control, the passenger enters the hall with the luggage belt. Despite the small size of the terminal, all the necessary services are available here. Cafe, post office, ATMs, luggage storage, etc. Christmas signs can be seen throughout the terminal.
It should be said that security with dogs is constantly running on the territory of the terminal, so you need to be prepared for repeated sniffing of luggage.


Rovaniemi airport is connected to the city by bus service. There is a regular shuttle bus to the central bus station from here. The ticket price will be about 7 euros.

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