Helsinki districts - name, description, photos of Helsinki districts, where to stay for tourists

Districts of Helsinki

Are you interested in the Helsinki districts? You should know that Helsinki has 14 municipalities (Espoo, Vantaa, Sipoo, Nurmijärvi, Kauniainen and others), but in addition to these units there is a division into districts (tourists will be interested in the most famous of them). According to the map, the districts of Helsinki include Eira, Kamppi, Meilahti, Yakomyaki, Kallio and others..

Description and attractions of areas

  • Teele: of interest is the unusual shape of the monument to Sibelius (from the pedestal “depart” organ pipes of different configurations and lengths), the Hietaniemi cemetery (which is the burial place of artists, sculptors, political and religious figures in Finland) and the Church in the rock (outside there is only a glass dome; inside is one of the best organs in the country; secular and religious concerts).
  • Katanokka: here you can take a lot of photos against the background of modern buildings and architecture in the neoclassical and national-romantic style.
  • Kamppi: travelers may be interested in objects in the form of the Parliament building (Tuesday-Friday are the days when the public is allowed to attend plenary sessions), the Natural History Museum (in the museum exhibition, divided into sections, “The history of life” and “Finnish nature”; in addition, tourists are advised to look at the bones of dinosaurs), the Chapels of Silence (a place of tranquility and meetings with social workers and parish workers; here you can admire the silver altar cross made by the Finnish jeweler Antti Nieminen) and the Ateneum Museum (has 2 branches - the Finnish National Gallery with works belonging to Western European and Finnish masters from the 60s to the present day, and the hall “Atheneum”, where you can see an exposition of Russian artists, as well as canvases by Goya, Chagall, Van Gogh, Modigliani).
  • Kruununhaka: guests will be invited to walk along the Senate Square (it is worth visiting the monument to Tsar Alexander II; and in the summer - to attend such entertainment events as concerts and festivals), go to inspect the Church of the Holy Trinity (Empire style) and the Cathedral (it is a reflection of the style classicism; guests are invited to services and various concerts).

Where to stay for tourists

Please note that the Finnish capital does not spoil its guests with cheap accommodation - a double room in a 3-4-star hotel will cost 90-150 euros.

Is your goal to be as close to the center as possible and at the same time you are interested in a more or less quiet area? Search for a hotel in the Kruununhaka area. Are you planning to make trips out of the city? Check in near the train station. In addition, this place is also suitable for those who are going for a walk, shopping and exploring city sights (all of the above can be reached on foot).

Photos of Helsinki districts