Christmas in Helsinki - photos, reviews

Christmas in Helsinki

Christmas in Helsinki is festive bustle, bright colors, garlands, smiles, music, fun.

Features of celebrating Christmas in Helsinki

The Christmas season starts on November 23 with the opening of the Aleksanterinkatu Christmas street (a concert and a charity fair are taking place).

In Helsinki, Christmas is celebrated in the family circle: during the day the Finns pay homage to relatives who have passed away, leaving special candles lit, and in the evening they gather at the festive table. And for Finns who want to go to bars and restaurants with friends, these establishments hold pikkujoulu parties shortly before the holiday (“Little Christmas”).

Finns decorate their homes for the holiday with the help of red figurines of gnomes, pointed luminous stars, spruce balls with lanterns, inside of which real candles are placed. As for the Christmas menu, it consists of a baked pork leg, casseroles (rutabagin is at a premium), herring with various sauces, moose chops and other dishes.

Entertainment and celebrations in Helsinki

Residents and guests of the Finnish capital are invited to go on a skating rink in “Ice park”, located on the square in front of the railway station, and you can warm up after skiing in a cozy cafe located nearby.

If you are in Helsinki on December 13, visit the Cathedral, where the coronation of Lucia is held in honor of St. Lucia's Day (the event is a real spectacle).

And with children, you should visit the opening of the Christmas showcase in the shopping center “Stockmann” - his fabulous installations change annually.

Christmas markets and fairs in Helsinki

  • You will find a large Christmas market in the Old Student House - here you can get Christmas decorations, knitted goods, ceramics, designer gifts.
  • The St. Thomas Christmas Market will welcome visitors with 120 tents, whose sellers will offer them to buy knitted mittens, woolen scarves, edible delicacies, wooden carved toys, bent iron and blown glass.
  • The Women's Christmas Market, located opposite the Helsinki Harbor, deserves special attention - visiting it, you can buy souvenirs (creamy Finnish honey, beeswax candles, jumping horses, fashionable knitwear, little elves in red caps), which are made by Finnish women.

It is worth noting that at Christmas markets you can appreciate the taste of local snacks, especially fish ones, in the form of pickled herring, fried vendace, smoked salmon..