Helsinki in 1 day: where to go in Helsinki

Helsinki in 1 day

The capital of Finland is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, and Greater Helsinki today is an industrial, commercial and cultural center with a population of almost one and a half million. Participation in numerous ratings invariably brings the capital of Finland into the top ten cities in the world, and therefore a huge number of foreign tourists strive to get to know it every year. It is quite difficult to see all the sights of Helsinki in 1 day, but the main ones may well become «easy prey» active traveler.

Senate Square - the heart of the capital

The main square of Finland and its capital is the Senate Square. On it is the most beautiful white Cathedral of the Lutheran Church of Helsinki. It was built at the end of the 19th century according to the project of the architect K. Engel. In front of the entrance to the temple on the square, there is a monument to the Russian emperor Aleksandr II, who made a special contribution to the expansion of Finland's autonomy. The Senate building and the University of Helsinki round off the majestic architectural composition of the main square of the capital Suomi.
The Orthodox Church is represented in Helsinki by its Cathedral. In this capacity, the graceful and majestic Assumption Cathedral, erected in the middle of the 19th century from red stone, acts. It was designed by the architect A. Gornostaev, and today the temple is considered the largest among the Orthodox in Northern and Western Europe. Its main gilded dome rose more than 50 meters above the city..

Carved into the rock

Another popular attraction that can be included on the tour itinerary  «Helsinki in 1 day», Temppeliaukio Church. Its main feature is the construction method. The temple is carved into the rock, and the glass dome allows daylight to enter its premises. The church seems light and majestic, and its special acoustic properties make the temple a popular venue for concerts and music programs. Untreated stone walls not only serve as a special interior solution, but also make the acoustics of the room unique. The Temppeliaukio organ is made by the famous Finnish master Veikko Virtanen.

A couple of hours to the National Museum

You can end your visit to Helsinki for 1 day in its city museum, whose exposition is devoted to the history and development of the city. The main building is adjacent to the Cathedral on Senate Square, and its branches can be found in other parts of the Finnish capital. A visit to the museum can take a couple of hours and not cause any damage to the traveler's wallet: the entrance to both the main building and the branches is absolutely free.