Helsinki for children - what to see. Where to go with your child in Helsinki

Helsinki for children

A trip with children to Helsinki will not be boring. After all, there are a lot of amusement parks for children, and they are all quite large-scale and interesting..

Water parks

Take water parks, for example. There are two of them in Helsinki:

  • aquapark «Serena»
  • aquapark «Flamingo»

Aquapark «Serena» - the largest water park on the entire Scandinavian peninsula. Some of the slides do not work in winter, as they are located in the open part of the water park. The water park itself «Serena» located in the rock of a mountain range and is located among the forest.
Aquapark «Flamingo» strikes with its stylistic decision: being here, you feel like in an exotic country. Everywhere there are bright pictures and ornamented animal figurines. Everything is like in Africa or Mexico.

House of Santa Claus

Particularly popular is the house of Santa Claus in Espoo, on the outskirts of Helsinki. Those who have not made it to his residence in Lapland come here. In the house of Santa Claus, the children are greeted by elves. They say that Santa Claus is very fond of listening to the performances of Russian children..


For lovers of intellectual relaxation in Helsinki there is the Lumous Natural History Museum. The skeleton of a Gigantosaurus and other zoological exhibits are on display here. There are dummies of dinosaurs and extinct animals. Children will be interested in scenes from the life of animals: a tiger catches an antelope, a bear dives under the ice.
The underwater world can also be viewed in Helsinki. Live fish and ocean dwellers are in the Sea Life Aquarium. The entire exhibition is designed to attract children of all ages. There are tasks for older children and creative zones for toddlers. Everyone will surely love the colorful fish and real sea predators. It is worth noting that there are tasks in Russian as well..

Amusement park

And of course, if you are in Helsinki with children, be sure to visit the amusement park. It will be fun for children of all ages and even babies. Many attractions for the little ones - cars, trains - are completely free. Kids will love to ride on toy cars in the form of cups or eggs.
For older guys, there is truly extreme entertainment. This is «roller coaster» and «frenzied flow», where the descent takes place in boats.
Here, as in other places, there are various themed cafes where children are entertained while adults eat.

Child Center «Murulandia»

 Helsinki has a great development center for the smallest kids. Here are educational toys for various techniques. And all of them can be touched, moved, and all can be played with. The entire territory is divided into rooms for children of different ages. This center even has a special room for moms where they can sleep while the children are under the supervision of educators..