Excursions to Helsinki. Sightseeing tours in Helsinki

Excursions in Helsinki

Helsinki is a very interesting and colorful city, the versatility of which will appeal to a tourist of any age. The city is planned in such a way that the most important sights are gathered in its center, so they are easy to see even while walking. Excursions in Helsinki reveal all the beauty and charm of this city. You can see wonderful monuments of different styles, harmoniously inscribed new buildings, museums for every taste, modern and classical theaters. Many parks and squares do not let you forget about the beauty of Finnish nature. Festivals and celebrations are held in Helsinki all year round.

So many different things in one city

The design quarter will amaze you with its exquisite galleries, fashion boutiques, souvenir and antique shops. True gourmets will be impressed by the trendy restaurants and cafes on the city streets. Helsinki has all the conditions for a snack on the go and the cult of street food is supported.

Children will enjoy many parks and attractions, the famous Korkeasaari Zoo and a large marine aquarium.

Swimmers and sunbathers will appreciate Pihlajasaari Island. Sandy beaches and cliffs provide a great place to relax. The water bus will take you from the city streets to this little paradise.

What else unusual has Helsinki prepared?

  • Senaatintori Square. The first building on the square was the Senate, where the government of the country meets. The main university library is also located on the square. People from all over the world come to it to get acquainted with the collection of Slavic literature, which was collected by Alexander I.
  • Tuomiokirkko Cathedral is rightfully the main attraction of the square. The temple is decorated with statues of the twelve apostles. You can climb the cathedral by a high staircase with steep steps.
  • Töölö district, which attracts tourists with a monument to the Finnish composer Sibelius. The monument is striking in its form - organ pipes of various lengths and configurations rise from the pedestal on supports. And a unique temple was carved into a flat rock, which houses one of the best organs in the country..
  • Churches and cathedrals. There are over 60 different churches in Helsinki. The main ones are the Assumption Cathedral and the church in Kallio.
  • Helsinki museums are also art museums, art and modern museums, local history museums and museum-reserves.

Sightseeing tours in Helsinki will help you see all the sights of the city and not miss anything. Indeed, in the capital of Finland there are so many interesting buildings, parks, museums and entertainment centers. Here you can find many options for spending your vacation. Discover Helsinki!

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