Bus tours to Finland. The cost of bus tours in Finland 2016

Bus tours to Finland

Due to the close location of Finland and the overall low cost of a tourist trip, tours to this country are very popular. They especially often visit Finland in winter, because tourists see its classic perception as snowy and New Year's Eve, when shop windows are packed with smiling Joulupukki, and local residents are in high spirits on the eve of a fun family holiday.

Why Finland?

Bus tours in Finland are a very economical and rather convenient way to travel around this country. The duration of these tours may vary - tours can last from one day to several days. As a rule, during a trip, a tourist visits several Finnish cities, but there are tours that allow you to visit only the capital of Finland. These tours are often one-day tours and are very cheap. They are suitable for those who go to Helsinki to go shopping or buy gifts for their relatives for the New Year. The purpose of the tour can also be excursions to historical sites, a visit to a water park or a ski resort. Many tourists, especially from the northern part of Russia, go to Finland for the weekend to relax at a local ski resort, because the quality of service and infrastructure is much higher here, and prices are an order of magnitude lower..

All the amenities for a tourist

It is noteworthy that only comfortable buses are used for travel. This means that in winter you will not freeze, and in summer you will not choke on the heat. The seats are comfortable so that the passenger will not notice the long hours on the bus, enjoying an interesting journey and looking at the views outside the window. The group is constantly accompanied by a professional guide who provides historical information both during the trip itself and at the destination. You can contact the guide for all questions, including food options and excursion variations.

Peculiarities of traveling in Finland

You will like Finland not only for the abundance of inexpensive shops, but also for the following features:

  • Beautiful nature.
  • Friendly people.
  • Wonderful monuments of architecture.
  • References to the history of Russia.
  • Stunning museums and more.

When designing their new museums, the Finns always invite the best European architects and designers, so Finnish museums are good not only for interesting exhibits, but also for their own appearance..

You can order two-, three- and one-day excursions, or you can simply wander the streets of Finnish towns on your own to understand the culture of the country and feel its unusual atmosphere for a domestic person.

Photos of bus tours to Finland