Currency in Finland: exchange, import, money. What is the currency in Finland?

Currency in Finland

Finland is one of the many countries that make up the so-called eurozone thanks to the international campaign for European integration. Just like the other 10 EU countries, Finland replaced its national currency with the euro, thereby improving economic interaction with EU member states. Today, the exchange rates of world currencies for euros in the country are set by an international bank. However, this was not always the case, and at one time the Finns had their own currency, and Finland's money also went through a certain historical path of development..

Finnish mark: back to the origins of coinage

The development of coinage in Finland can be roughly divided into 3 periods:

  • Finland, as part of Sweden;
  • Finland as part of Russia;
  • Independent Finland.

During the dependence on Sweden, the main currency used in the Finnish markets was the Swedish riskdaler. Later, with the course of the Russian-Swedish military clashes, the Russian ruble came into use. Only in 1860, the Grand Duchy of Finland acquired its own currency, which was named the mark.
It is interesting that the Finnish stamps became the prototype of a similar currency in Germany, having appeared earlier in the territory of modern Europe. Until the outbreak of the First World War, which turned the world economy, there was a Gold Standard in Finland, according to which all coins contained 0.3 g of real pure gold.

Finland's transition from marks to euro

In 2002, as part of the European integration procedure, Finland abandoned the marks and recognized the euro as a new currency at the state level..
The peculiarity of using this monetary unit is that the common side for all EU countries is the reverse, on which the denomination is indicated, but the obverse shows the front side, which is named for each country. Finnish money has flying swans on its face, the basis for which was a special coin issued in honor of the country's 80-year independence..

Currency exchange in Finland

The most common dollars can be exchanged for euros at the airport, hotels and even on ferries. On the territory of the country, there are exchange offices such as Forex and Tvex, which work full day. But the most reliable way to exchange any currency for euros is official bank branches, which provide a stable exchange rate and reliable settlement..
When exchanging Finnish currency, some branches require a passport, but there are also places where documents are not required. The country also has a system of non-cash payment for services and goods using credit cards..
As for the import of currency into Finland or outside the country, the legislation does not indicate any restrictions.