Islands of Finland: photo. Popular islands in Finland

Islands of Finland

The Republic of Finland is located in the north of Europe. It shares borders with Russia, Norway and Sweden. Its shores are washed by the Baltic Sea and the gulfs of this sea (Bothnian and Finnish). Many islands in Finland have a permanent population, and bridges and roads connect them to the mainland..

A significant area of ​​the country is located beyond the Arctic Circle. There are 789 land areas within the state. Ferries run between the mainland and the country's 499 islands. Many areas are considered recreational. Finland owns a large number of miniature islands with an area of ​​no more than 1 sq. km.

Geographic regions of the country

Finland is conventionally divided into three main geographic regions. These are coastal lowlands, the region of lakes and the northern upper reaches. The coastal lowlands stretch along the bays, where there are many islands. The main Finnish archipelagos include Turku and the Aland Islands.

The southwestern coast of the country is highly dissected. It gradually turns into the largest archipelago in Finland - the Archipelago Sea. This group includes thousands of land areas of various sizes. To the south of the central part of the country there is a region of lakes. It is an inland plateau with numerous lakes, swamps, swamps and forests. The northern upper reaches are located beyond the Arctic Circle. This area is characterized by poor soils. Lapland has hills and cliffs.


The islands of Finland are located in a temperate zone. It is transitional from continental to maritime. The northern regions of the country are located in an area of ​​continental climate. The Atlantic softens the weather. Therefore, it is not very cold in Finland, despite its location. In the southern regions in winter, the average air temperature is -6 degrees. In Lapland, it is much lower, down to -14 degrees. In summer, the air in Finland has an average temperature of about +17 degrees..

The best islands

The rocky island of Sodeskar is of interest to tourists. It has a harsh climate. There are several residential buildings on the island. People come here who seek solitude. Norrkullandet Island resembles a nature reserve nestled among the sea. It is covered with dense pine forests, where hares, moose and other animals are found. In winter, tourists make snowmobile trips and swim in thermal pools.

The main island of the Åland archipelago is Åland, where a Russian fortress was built in the 19th century. The most beautiful of the Aland Islands is Kokar - a stone land area. Fishing is possible there all year round. The island is characterized by minimal vegetation, varied cliffs, bare rocks and many birds. Weather conditions in this area are difficult to predict as they are highly variable..