Lapeenranta shops. Shopping centers and outlets in Lapeenranta

Shops and shopping centers in Lapeenranta

A trip to Lappeenranta is a convenient weekend shopping tour route for residents of St. Petersburg and the region. The city is located in Finland, 60 km from Vyborg or three hours by car from St. Petersburg. Picturesque spruces and pines, lakes and rivers of Karelia brighten the road, and the travel time will fly by.

Shopping aficionados in Lappeenranta believe that Finnish food tastes better, medicines heal better, and household chemicals clean the house an order of magnitude more. Indeed, Finland is a European country, so it is impossible to buy counterfeit products here..

Wardrobe updates require fitting and a lot of time, so it makes sense to stay for a couple of days in Lappeenranta if your goal is clothes.


  • In the city center, on Kauppakatu and Valtakatu streets, there are four large shopping centers at once: Galleria, Weera, Opri, Armada. The prices are slightly higher here, but the brands presented in the stores are of a higher class than on the outskirts. In addition, tired of walking around boutiques, it is pleasant to sit in a cafe or restaurant, of which there are a great many. If you are demanding for comfort, then it is better to choose a hotel in the center..
  • Family Center is the largest shopping center in Lappeenranta. It is convenient to go here with the whole family. The smallest family members can be left under the supervision of experienced educators in the play area. In the meantime, parents will be able to choose clothes or care accessories for their baby - the center stands out with a large selection of goods for children. The rest of the family won't be disappointed either. There are many cheap shops near the mall: LidI, Robinhood, Biltema.
  • Prisma - This hypermarket and the area around it is also a convenient place for shopping. The hypermarket offers a huge selection of various consumer goods. You can limit your trip to one «Prism» and buy everything from socks to jewelry here. It should be noted that there are not many shops in Finland that have the right to sell strong alcoholic beverages. One of «lucky ones» - Alco. Treat your friends with Finnish «souvenir» - lingonberry tincture. IN «Prism» you can also stock up on delicious foods and medicines. Near «Prism» many inexpensive shops with everyday goods, including a thrift shop.


  • Electronics in Finland is more expensive than in Russia, but why not be curious about what kind of gadgets Europeans like? To do this, men can visit Gigantti, a chain hypermarket of electronics and household appliances, and women will be happy to go to the nearby Lidi store with high-quality and inexpensive Finnish products or to the Luhta outlet with sports-style clothing for any weather..

Active lifestyle

  • U-Koskimies is a paradise for hikers, hunters and fishermen and sports enthusiasts. Here you can buy everything from thermal underwear to boats and navigation equipment. Do not forget that it is better to buy snowboards at the end of winter, and, for example, ATVs - in the second half of summer. Store sections: clothing and footwear, sporting goods, hunting and fishing, boats and boats, motorcycles, garden and forest.

Prices in Finland are high. It is beneficial to plan your trip during one of the discount seasons. These are either Christmas discounts at the end of December, or summer discounts at the end of June after Johannus Day (summer solstice).

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