Streets of Turku - photo, name. List of famous streets in Turku

Streets of Turku

Turku is an old city in Finland, which was previously considered the capital of the state. This city has preserved unique sights that confirm an interesting past. The streets of Turku welcome tourists every season.

Scenic spots of Turku

Turku at different times was dominated by Russians and Swedes. It was the Finnish capital until the 19th century. Turku has experienced many historical events, but there are almost no ancient buildings in it. After a fire in the 19th century, they could not be preserved. Today the city has two main attractions: the cathedral and the medieval castle (13th century).

In the old days, beautiful wooden buildings predominated in Turku, which were almost completely destroyed. The city was rebuilt with stone low-rise buildings. Today Turku is characterized by wide and straight streets. Several medieval monuments have been preserved here, which are in harmony with the modern atmosphere. The most interesting places are concentrated near the picturesque bank of the Aura River, between the old castle and the majestic cathedral.

It is recommended to explore Turku from the Market Square (Kauppatori), which occupies the central part of it. From this square you can walk to the embankment. The central street is Universitetskaya, which is completely pedestrianized. The architectural style is mixed here: buildings in the classical style coexist with new houses. Universitetskaya street goes to the central square Kauppatori.

Recommended places to visit

In the heart of the city lies the Old Great Square, which is surrounded by magnificent buildings: the houses of Brinkall, Juslenius, Hjeltin and the Old Town Hall. This beautiful square hosts festivals, concerts and performances.

Among the sights of the city, the Swedish castle of Turku, created in 1280, deserves attention. This is a beautiful structure that has survived since the Middle Ages. Turku Castle is the most important historical monument in the country. Today, a museum of the history of the city functions inside the castle. Another popular attraction is the Cathedral. It is the main Lutheran temple in Finland, built in the Northern Gothic style..

A famous site is the Luostarinmaki Museum, located in the center of Turku under the open sky. It consists of 30 wooden buildings, forming 18 blocks.

Photos of Turku streets