Tours to Vuokatti (Finland). Holidays in Vuokatti: photos, tours

Tours in Vuokatti

The Vuokatti ski and tourism center is especially popular with both Finnish families with children and real pros. This is due to the superbly thought out infrastructure, the ability to get there without any problems, the presence of both simple and especially extreme slopes and a professional ski school. And what else do Finnish participants of tours in Vuokatti, for whom all winter sports are national, need? For a Russian tourist, this resort is still in many ways "terra incognita", but every year Russian speech is heard here more and more often..

Technical details

The town of Vuokatti is located in the east of the country in the Finnish province of Kainuu. Its tracks stretch along the slopes of a hill with a difficult to pronounce name in the Suomi style, and in total, 14 slopes are equipped for the needs of athletes, of which one distance has the highest degree of difficulty. The athletes are served by eight lifts, whose capacity allows you not to create traffic jams and queues at the start site.
The ski instructors of the local school have repeatedly been recognized as the best in the country, and the equipment rental centers have everything you need for a full-fledged skiing. For fans of cross-country skiing, there are 150 kilometers of perfectly prepared ski tracks in the vicinity of the hill, of which one fifth has artificial lighting. This allows you to use even a short daylight hours in northern latitudes to the fullest..
A special feature for tour participants in Vuokatti is the opportunity to ski even in summer. The first tunnel in the world, where subzero temperatures are maintained all year round, has a length of 1200 meters and is open exactly here.

Not by skis alone

For snowboarders, tours to Vuokatti are an opportunity to hone their technique on ideal equipment - halfpipe, rails and jumps. The opportunity to go freestyle and slopestyle captivates high-level boarders, and slalom slope meets the requirements of the International Snowboarding Association..
After-piste recreational opportunities make Vuokatti tours interesting for those who are not too keen on alpine skiing. Guests are offered entertainment for all tastes - from dog sledding to winter fishing and swimming in ice.

Briefly about the important

  • You can get to the resort from Kajaani Airport, 40 km from Vuokatti, or by train from the capital of Finland.
  • The ski season starts in November and lasts until mid-spring.
  • Tour participants in Vuokatti can stay in family hotels, hotel complexes, apartments at the sports school or in a separate cottage. It is recommended to book rooms in advance during the season.