Where to eat in Imatra - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Imatra?

Wondering where to eat in Imatra? In the city you will come across many establishments where you can satisfy your hunger - pizzerias, snack bars, cafes, restaurants (in some establishments you can watch the process of cooking). In authentic establishments, you can taste kalecucco (fish pies), various casseroles (carrot, rutabaga, potato), smoked herring.

Where to eat in Imatra inexpensively?

You can eat inexpensively in kebabs, the Finnish Hesburger (an institution that operates at lunchtime according to the system “Buffet”) and all kinds of pizzerias (in many of these establishments, special promotions are arranged for guests, for example, they offer to buy any pizza for 5 euros).

Having visited the Euro Kebab cafe, you can have an inexpensive snack with all kinds of salads, meat dishes, pizza, corn-based snacks, sauerkraut ...

Where to eat in Imatra is delicious?

  • LinnaSali: in this restaurant, on the menu of which you will find traditional Finnish dishes, you can taste the most delicious and airy berry desserts (the chef will prepare sweets for you based on northern berries, whipped cream and syrups).
  • Buttenoff: This restaurant specializes in serving Russian, Spanish, Finnish and French cuisines (most dishes are served with delicate sauces). In addition, there is a wide range of wines.
  • Ravintola Rosso: This restaurant serves Finnish and Italian cuisine. The signature dish of this establishment is pizza - rye (Ruis Pizza), classic Italian (Originale Pizza), American (Pannu Pizza). In addition, here you can taste the famous trout fish soup prepared according to an old Finnish recipe..
  • Easy Kitchen: in this restaurant you can have lunch and dinner according to the system “Buffet”. In addition, the institution has a children's menu and a la carte menu (on average, lunch costs at 18, and dinner at 25 euros).
  • Lohela: the menu of this restaurant consists mainly of fish dishes (here you can buy hot and cold smoked salmon, as well as homemade salting). The institution invites its guests to take the fish with them (it will be packed in a thermal bag, in which it will remain warm for up to 4 hours).

Gastronomic excursions in Imatra

As part of a gastronomic tour of Imatra, you will visit a fish shop “Disa’s Fish”, where fresh, hot and cold smoked fish, caviar of various varieties, seafood are sold, as well as several authentic cafes and restaurants. If you wish, a master class on cooking Finnish dishes can be organized for you in one of the restaurants in Imatra (by prior arrangement).

In Imatra you can go fishing, go shopping, have a great time on the ski slopes, as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious Finnish food..