Nice beaches: photo, video. Best sandy beaches in Nice (France)

Nice beaches

Nice beaches

Nice, the capital of the French Riviera, attracts many people dreaming of a fabulous vacation. It is here that you can see beautiful architecture, visit famous restaurants, relax on gorgeous beaches that stretch for seven kilometers along the bay «Bath of Angels».

The beaches in Nice are covered with large pebbles, because of its size it is not very convenient to enter the water, especially when there are large waves at sea. However, you can buy rubber shoes, they are sold in old Nice and in the pedestrian zone (prices from 5 euros). In the districts of the old city and the airport, sand is poured on the pebbles. These areas are adapted for beach volleyball in the summer. Due to the fact that the beaches are mostly pebbly, the water off the coast is not muddy and has a beautiful color.

Lido Beach

This is one of the most popular private beaches. It is next to the hotel «Palais de la Mediterane». The cost of the visit is from 16 euros. For the first line you need to pay 27 euros.

High Beach

High Beach will attract tourists with a carefully thought-out design, which is made in the modern style. The cost of visiting, half a day - 14 euros, a day - 22 euros. If you wish, you can rent «family house» for 49 euros.

Sporting Beach

Sporting Beach, first of all, attracts with a convenient location. Vacationers can enjoy a comfortable stay and taste delicious dishes and fine wines. For a day spent at Sporting Beach, you need to pay 16 euros. If you wish, you can rent a beach umbrella for 5 euros.

Florida Beach

This is one of the best sandy beaches in Nice. It is popular for its modern furnishings, exquisite decor in oriental style. Many vacationers are satisfied with the presence of a jacuzzi. However, how much will the vacation cost?

  1. Chaise lounge - 10 euros per day.
  2. Beach umbrella - 4 euros per day.
  3. Jacuzzi - 10 euros per person for half an hour.
  4. Bed - 50 euros.

Le Voilier

Are you dreaming of relaxing on a chic spacious beach? In this case, you may be interested in Le Voilier, because it is one of the largest private beaches. From the center of Nice, you can walk to it in just 15 minutes. It is especially convenient to get to Le Voilier for people who live in the Sheraton Eliza Palace hotel. You will need to pay 18 euros per day. If you wish, you can save by paying 14 euros for half a day. This price is adequate, because ideal conditions are created for vacationers. Every person should enjoy just such a vacation at least once in his life.!

Blue Beach

Blue Beach is very popular and is close to many famous hotels, among which it should be noted «West End», «Le Negresco», «Pale de la Mediterane». Its visit costs 15 euros. If you wish, you can rent an umbrella, it costs 5 euros.
The best sandy beaches of Nice - the standard of luxury beach holidays!

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