Christmas in Berlin - photos, reviews

Christmas in Berlin

Christmas in Berlin

Spending Christmas in Berlin means getting a positive experience for the next year (no traveler will be bored here).

Features of celebrating Christmas in Berlin

German families visit churches on December 24 - there are Christmas services, Christmas songs are sung, stories about the birth of Christ are told.

Transforming the house for the holiday, the Germans decorate it with garlands, and figures of people and animals are often exhibited on the windowsills (with their help, religious scenes are created). As for the festive dinner, it is not complete without fish, pork with sauerkraut, stuffed goose, Shtolen Christmas cake (it is prepared using aromatic spices and dried fruits).

Most Berlin restaurants will have Christmas dinners with special menus and stylish décor. So, for example, you can go to “CapeTown” or “Fleischerei”.

Entertainment and celebrations in Berlin

Those interested can go to a Christmas concert at the Charlottenburg castle. In addition, for entertainment, it is worth stopping by the Berlin Zoo, as well as visiting the Berlin museums (on Christmas Eve they hold a variety of activities for children and adults).

Christmas markets in Berlin

Most Berlin Christmas markets start operating from late November to late December. The following Christmas markets deserve your attention:

  • Christmas market on Gendarmenmarkt square: here you will find kiosks with drinks and food, and you can also get exclusive crafts, Christmas decorations and souvenirs (if you wish, they can be made right before your eyes);
  • Christmas market in Spandau: here visitors will find about 250 stalls with food, drinks, handicrafts, souvenirs in the style of the Middle Ages, and here you can write a letter to Jesus (they say, setting out your wishes in it, they will come true next year);
  • Lichtenmarkt Christmas market: guests will appreciate the presence of about 100 stalls where you can buy ceramics, wood products, honey, pastries and other goods (it is worth noting that the sales proceeds are channeled to social needs);
  • Christmas market on Winterfeldplatz: on Christmas Sunday you can taste fried almonds, German sausages and waffles, get various souvenirs, and children can visit a small zoo here.

In addition, the Christmas market on Potsdamer Platz is worth a visit: here you can take part in fun activities and slide down the snow slide on tubing (inflatable sleds).


  • Christmas in Berlin
  • Christmas in Berlin
  • Christmas in Berlin