How long is the flight from Dusseldorf to Moscow? Dusseldorf - Moscow flight time

How long is the flight from Dusseldorf to Moscow?

How long is the flight from Dusseldorf to Moscow?

On vacation in Dusseldorf, you managed to explore the Rhine embankment, see the Rheinturm TV tower and the Benrath palace and park complex, visit the Water Zoo, at exhibitions in the cinema museum “Filmmuseum”, galleries Künstsamlung and Tonhalle, party and entertain at the nightclub “Stahlwerk”, spend time in the amusement park “Fort fun”? And soon you will fly to the Russian capital?

How long to fly from Dusseldorf to Moscow (direct flight)?

2000 km - at this distance Moscow is located from Dusseldorf (the flight will take about 3 hours). So, with “Aeroflot” you land at home (“Sheremetyevo”) after 3 hours 10 minutes, and with “Air Berlin” - after 3 hours 15 minutes (“Domodedovo”).

Do you want to know how much tickets Dusseldorf-Moscow will cost you? Keep in mind that on average they cost 12,000 rubles (in August and November you can try to purchase them for 5800 rubles).

Flight Dusseldorf-Moscow with transfers

For connecting flights via Milan, Vantaa, Riga, Hamburg, Geneva or other cities, the duration of the flight will be 5-22 hours. Wait for connection when transferring in Belgrade from “Jat airways” you will be asked for less than 1 hour (you will spend 5.5 hours on the road), in Helsinki with “Finnair” - 3.5 hours (all the way to the house will last more than 7.5 hours), in Barcelona with “Iberia” - 9.5 hours (total travel time - 16 hours), in Zurich and Berlin with “Air Berlin” - 11.5 hours (arrive in Moscow after 17 hours), in Hamburg with “Lufthansa”- 3.5 hours (total travel time - 7 hours), in Rimini with “Air Berlin” and “Transaero” - 10.5 hours (in general, you will get home in 16.5 hours).

Choosing an air carrier

The following companies carry their customers on Airbus A 318, Embraer 175, Canadair Regional Jet 900, Fokker 70 and other airliners: “Air Berlin”; “Aeroflot”; “German wings”; “CityJet”.

The Duesseldorf-Moscow flight is operated by employees of the Duesseldorf International Airport (DUS), located 9 km from the city center (you can travel from terminal to terminal on the SkyTrain monorail trailer). Here, while waiting for your flight, you can have a bite to eat in coffee shops and restaurants, look into a bank, shops, a tourist office, use free Wi-Fi for half an hour, and, if necessary, contact a medical center or a dental clinic. And for people with limited mobility, the airport provides lifts and ramps.

Things to do on the plane?

You will not even notice how quickly you will land on your native soil if during the flight you think about who to give souvenirs purchased in Dusseldorf in the form of traditional mustard, liqueur “Killepitsch”, marzipan figurines, chocolate “Truffle in champagne”, wooden nutcrackers, carved wall clocks, German cosmetics (“Olivenoul”, “Dr. Hauschka”), porcelain products of the company “Meissen”.


  • How long is the flight from Dusseldorf to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Dusseldorf to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Dusseldorf to Moscow?