Airport on Kos: diagram, photo. How to get to the airport on Kos

Kos airport

Kos airport

The Greek airport of the island of Kos serves the island and the administrative center of the island - the city of Kos. The airport is located about 20 kilometers from the city, near the village of Antimachia. The airport is served by many airlines, including Aegean Airlines. This airline operates seasonal flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg.
The main flow of passengers falls on the summer season; in total, the airport serves more than 2.2 million passengers a year..
The airport on Kos is named after the famous Greek doctor Hippocrates, who was just born on this island..


The history of the airport on Kos begins in the spring of 1964, when the first civil flights began to be made from here. At that time, the airport had a runway just over a kilometer long. After 10 years, there was a need to increase the length of the runway. As a result, its length became 2400 meters, this length remains to this day.
At the end of the 90s, a new passenger terminal was opened, which made it possible to increase the airport's capacity. And the occupied area became 3 square kilometers.


The airport on Kos is ready to provide its guests with the services they need on the road. Here you can find cafes and restaurants that are always ready to feed hungry passengers.
There is also a shopping area where you can find various goods - souvenirs, newspapers and magazines, gifts, drinks, etc..
For business class travelers, the airport offers a separate lounge. And for passengers with children there is a mother and child room. In addition, there are special play areas for children on the territory of the terminal..
If necessary, passengers can always ask for help at the first-aid post..
For lovers of independent movement on the territory of the airport there are companies that provide cars for rent.

How to get there

There are several ways to get from the airport to the city of Kos. The cheapest option is the bus. Buses run regularly to the city, their stop is located near the terminal building. You can also use a taxi, of course, the fare will be much more expensive.
Alternatively, you can offer a rented car.

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