Holidays in Greece in October: prices and weather. Where to relax in Greece in October

Holidays in Greece in October

Holidays in Greece in October

This small but very hospitable state has a huge army of fans living in the post-Soviet space. Every year, no matter in summer or winter, they pack their bags, carefully study Greek maps, and plot the best travel routes between the sea and attractions. Holidays in Greece in October are ideal for tourists with children, seniors who dream of soaking up the sun, feeling a surge of vivacity from taking sea baths, getting acquainted with the natural beauties.

October weather

This is the last month of the influx of tourists, the end of the Greek tourist season. Although temperatures are quite suitable for sunbathing and swimming - +28 ° C during the day, at night it is not much cooler than +26 ° C. And the water temperature is quite suitable for sea baths or diving..

Rains are starting to come to visit the Greek resorts more and more often, but they cannot be compared with the autumn Russian drizzle, which carries slush and chilly wind. Greek heavenly tears come unnoticed, quickly shed and go on their way.

Patron Saint of Thessaloniki

On October 26 all over Greece there are celebrations dedicated to St. Dmitry Thessaloniki. He is the patron saint of Thessaloniki, which is why the most important and beautiful events take place here. The townspeople not only remember their beloved patron and protector, but also have fun. Carnival processions, theatrical performances, musical performances are organized everywhere, and young wine flows like a river.

It is impossible not to buy

Many tourists, remembering the famous saying about a country that has everything, upon arrival in Greece, first of all, direct their feet to the local shopping centers and boutiques. They immediately understand that folklore does not lie and that it is indeed possible to do the perfect shopping here. Fur coats and other fur products can only become the first swallows that, together with a tourist, will leave Greece. Following these fluffy little things, dear to the heart of every fashionista, solid knitwear, precious gold jewelry, vases, figures in the ancient Greek style, embroidery and lace will appear in her suitcase.

The products are in no less demand among tourists who dream of taking with them a tasty piece of Greece. The most popular products are olive oil and olives. Men will not be able to pass by the local variety of vodka - ouzo, women will love Greek wines. Such products are good both for personal use and for gifts to family and friends..

The most beautiful corners of the world - Greece

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  • Holidays in Greece in October
  • Holidays in Greece in October