The national drink of Hungary. Alcohol in Hungary: prices, export, alcohol export rate

Hungarian drinks

Hungarian drinks

This European country, even in a long era of socialist non-existence, was special. It was difficult to get to Hungary, but the lucky ones who succeeded returned under the impression of czardas, goulash, operetta and magnificent views of Budapest. Drinks from Hungary occupied a special place in the stories of travelers, because wines equal to local Tokay ones are difficult to find in the whole Old and New World..

Hungarian alcohol

Hungarian customs regulations allow a fairly large amount of duty-free alcohol imported into the country. For spirits, the import rate is set at one liter, for liqueurs - at two liters, and at 16 liters - for all sorts of beer. You can export no more than a liter of strong alcohol from the country without paying duties. The rest of Hungary's alcohol is subject to export in the amount of one liter of wine and five liters of beer. The price of drinks will seem quite pleasant to a Russian tourist: excellent quality wines from 3-5 euros per bottle, and beer is even cheaper than one euro if you buy a package right away (data for 2014).

Hungary's national drink

Among the Hungarian attractions, the cuisine stands out, where hot spices, herbs, quality meat and fresh vegetables are in high esteem. The national drink of Hungary, the fame of which has stepped far beyond its borders, serves as a pleasant addition to any feast..
For more than two hundred years, Unicum liqueur has been produced by the family company Zwack, and the secret of its preparation is strictly preserved and passed on from generation to generation. It is only known that the liqueur contains at least four dozen herbs, and the raw materials are aged in oak barrels. For the first time, Unicum was prepared for Emperor Joseph, who, with his enthusiastic exclamation, gave the future national drink of Hungary the name.

Hungarian alcoholic beverages

Tokay wines also stand out among the national drinks. They got their name from the Tokaj mountain range, located in Hungary and Slovakia, in the valleys of which special grapes are grown for the production of famous drinks. Tokay wines are made from light grape varieties, and the special taste of honey and raisins and the extraordinary color allow the Hungarians to call them «liquid gold». The main types of wines:

  • Tokay native.
  • Tokay essence from raisinized grapes.
  • Tokay-asu, infused up to 10 years.

The region where Tokaj wines are produced is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Hungarian alcoholic drinks are also excellent dry wines, in particular, red «Bull blood» and gold «Badachoni Riesling».


  • Hungarian drinks
  • Hungarian drinks
  • Hungarian drinks