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Car rental in Hungary

Car rental in Hungary

Persons who are at least 21 years old have the right to rent a car in Hungary. In addition, they must confirm their place of residence in the country, even if at a hotel. The renter must have a driver's license and a credit card, but you can do without it by leaving a security deposit. Driving experience must be more than a year.

As for the traffic rules, international ones apply in the country: the speed limit in cities will be 50 km / h, outside the city - 90 km / h, and you can accelerate properly only on highways - up to 120 km / h.

The use of any kind of alcohol is strictly prohibited: for this you can get an arrest.

But it is not because of such a strict approach that Hungary can be called a country of contrasts. Here the contrasts are tourist. There is a lake here that looks very much like the sea. Even by smell and color. Or here is a health resort, closely adjacent to wine cellars, where sweet and fragrant Tokay wine is poured. At the same time, alcohol is not considered a hindrance to health. There are also economy-class hotels in which the service is simply impeccable..

Where to go by car

In this country, you should visit the famous lakes and stay in a hotel located nearby. For the indigenous people, the lakes are a national treasure.

Hungary - open-air museum. And although there are monuments from different eras side by side, there is still harmony between them. Hungarian cities have a unique architectural style of temples, residential buildings, castles and palaces. Here you can get acquainted with the luxurious collections of museums and exhibitions, and at the same time visit mineral springs and balneological resorts.

And what about the capital itself - Budapest, a magnificent and luxurious city. And in 1934, the capital was also recognized as a resort city.. «The fault» There are 118 natural springs and artificial wells in which medicinal water still does not run out. At the same time, the center of Budapest, from where you can see the magnificent views of the Danube, is included in the UNESCO List. In addition, there are many interesting places here..

The Hungarian lake Heviz with its radon water is also extraordinary. Both old and young dream of visiting his baths, besides, lotuses brought from India were surprisingly able to take root there, which has not happened anywhere in the world before. Apparently, the heat emanating from the bowels of the Earth helps them to exist..

In general, if you travel by car, you can go around all these diverse attractions in one vacation..

Hungary - thermal springs


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