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Education in Indonesia

Education in Indonesia

Indonesia is the sun, sea, palm trees, rich original culture ... Having come here to study, you can not only acquire good knowledge, but also get a long-term visa, as well as get acquainted with Indonesian traditions and customs.

Getting an education in Indonesia has the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to enter an Indonesian university according to the program “Darmasiswa” (student exchange);
  • Opportunity to get a business education in MBA programs;
  • High level of education.

Higher education in Indonesia

For international students, the Indonesian Ministry of Education allocates 750 budget places. So, using the program designed for 1 year of study, you can come to Indonesia to learn the language, music, dance and traditions of this country. Applicants are required to fulfill two conditions - be no older than 35 years old and speak English.

Higher education institutions in Indonesia offer academic and vocational education. At the service of students - academies, institutes, polytechnics, universities.

While receiving an academic education, students study technological sciences, while in obtaining a professional education, students master applied skills that will be useful to them in their work..

Indonesian universities open their doors to students at the beginning of September, and the curriculum is divided into 2 semesters (students take exams every 16 weeks).

If you wish, you can enroll in a private Indonesian university: universities are considered the best “Pajjaran” in Bandung and “Atmajaya” in Jakarta.

MBA programs

Using MBA programs in Indonesia, students will be able to understand how business functions in a global economy that is constantly changing. In addition, they will receive excellent knowledge in the field of business, marketing, banking, law, information technology (you can take training in day and evening forms).

Diving training

In Indonesia, there is an opportunity to undergo diving training and receive an international PADI certificate at the end of your studies. Even beginners who have mastered the basic course “Open water”, will receive the right to independently dive with a partner to a depth of 18 m anywhere in the world.

Dive centers in Indonesia offer various courses where you can learn the theoretical foundations and techniques of various types of diving (ice diving, diving in grottoes and caves).

After receiving a diploma in Indonesia, you will be able to work in large industrial sectors (clothing, footwear, tourism, oil, gas, mining), in the service sector, in the export sector.

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