Entertainment in Bali - photo. Bali amusement parks.

Entertainment in Bali

Entertainment in Bali

Entertainment in Bali is mainly an active pastime: on the island you can go diving and surfing, paddle a canoe, ride a jet ski or “banana”.

Bali amusement parks

  • “Waterbom”: this water amusement park has pools, water slides and catapults (14 slopes of varying difficulty have been developed for adults), a spa-salon (at your service - fish pedicure, seaweed wrapping procedure, Balinese massage), sports and playgrounds where you can fire at each other, armed with water blasters.
  • The park “Bali treetop adventure”: here anyone, regardless of age, can feel like Tarzan, “flying” from one treetop to the other. Thanks to the equipped trails (there are 7 of them in the park), children will also be able to have fun here (they will be offered to jump on a bungee, climb into “spider web”, walk on suspension bridges), and daredevil adults (a route of increased difficulty has been developed for them).

What entertainment in Bali?

You may not be a diver or a scuba diver, but in Bali you should definitely go on an underwater walk in a spacesuit. Thanks to this unusual entertainment, you will be able to see and touch corals, as well as feed fish under water..

The island is glad to interest its guests with unusual entertainments: for example, you can climb the Batur volcano at night under the light of lanterns. Having reached the top (the ascent will take about 2 hours), you will be invited to meet the sunrise - admire it from the observation deck.

Entertainment for kids in Bali

Vacationers with children should plan a trip to the Bali Zoo to see Australian kangaroos, Egyptian camels, elephants and tigers from the island of Sumatra and other rare representatives of the fauna.

Surely, curious little travelers will like the Butterfly Park - there they can admire endangered and rare species of butterflies and see the step-by-step process of transformation of the larva into a butterfly..

If your child is not indifferent to birds, give him the opportunity to visit the Bird Park with which he can “chat” and even pick up. Here he will be able to meet the South American macaw parrot, hornbills, flamingos, birds of paradise, Australian cockatoos and others..

Do not forget to take your kids to the water park “Circus”: here they can swim in a river with a slow current, shoot from water cannons, slide down various slides ...

It is worth noting that a lot of entertainment has been created for children in Bali, and they are also taken here to the Green Camp (a child can be left for 1 day or all weekend). There will be no time to get bored in such a camp - here everyone will be taught how to build rafts, light a fire, make chocolate, climb a palm tree for coconuts ... In addition, there are surf schools for children and children's yoga classes are held on the island..

In addition to water activities in Bali, you can go on excursions involving visits to waterfalls, volcanoes, coffee plantations, temples, various parks.


  • Entertainment in Bali
  • Entertainment in Bali
  • Entertainment in Bali