Airport in Dublin: scheme, photo. How to get to Dublin airport

Dublin airport

Dublin airport

The main airport of the Republic of Ireland is located in its capital, Dublin, or rather 11 km south of the city. The airport handles over 23.5 million passengers annually, making it the country's busiest airport. It should be noted that more than 95% of flights are international..
The airport is the main airport for the Irish airline Aer Lingus, as well as for the budget airline Ryanair, known throughout Europe..


The history of Dublin airport dates back to 1936, when Aer Lingus was founded. Then she flew from the Bardanelle military airport. A year later, construction began on a civil airport in the capital of Ireland. Already at the beginning of 1940, the first flight Dublin-Liverpool was made from the new airport..
During World War II, the airport was not used, flights were restored after 1945. In 1947, the number of runways increased, there were 3 of them.
By 1970, Dublin Airport had reached its 5 million annual passenger traffic milestone. And by 2000 the passenger traffic reached the 20 million mark.


Dublin airport creates all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay of its passengers on the territory of the terminal.
Various cafes and restaurants will not let any passenger get hungry. There are also shops, including duty-free..
In addition, bank branches, ATMs, post office, currency exchange, etc. are available for passengers. There is also a deluxe lounge, hotel, wired and wireless Internet.
For passengers with children, there is a mother and child room. The terminal has a luggage storage, church and chapel.
It should be said that when leaving, using the services of some companies, you must check in for the flight yourself.


The most common way to get from the airport to Dublin is by bus. There are several types of buses that travel to the city:

  • Ordinary city bus with route 41, 41b or 102. This is the cheapest way to get to the city, the fare will be about 3 euros.
  • Airlink bus no. 747 and 748. The interval of movement is 15 minutes, the fare is paid by the driver and is approximately 6 euros.
  • The Aircoach bus is a blue bus. The bus is intended for long-distance flights, the fare to the center of Dublin will be about 7 euros.

It should also be borne in mind that many hotels offer a free transfer, the availability of a bus should be specified when booking a room..
Alternatively, you can take a taxi. The fare will be 40 euros.

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