Currency in Ireland: exchange, import, money. What is the currency in Ireland?

Currency in Ireland

Currency in Ireland

The monetary unit of Ireland became the euro, with the symbol EUR and the digital code 978. One euro is equal to one hundred euro cents. Money in Ireland is traditionally circulated in the form of coins and bills.

Currency up to Euro

As we know, the euro was introduced into cash circulation in 2002, before that Ireland had its own currency, the Irish pound. This currency was introduced into circulation more than once, the last time the currency was introduced in 1928 and lasted until the transition to the euro. The Irish pound was circulated in the form of coins and bills.

Payment for services in other currency

In Ireland, there is no tradition to pay for purchases and services in someone else's currency. Of course, some supermarkets in tourist areas accept US currency and pounds sterling, but the exchange rate is extremely disadvantageous.

What currency to take to Ireland

The answer to this question is obvious - it is best to take the euro right away. However, if it still happened that you flew to a country with a different currency, then it's okay. It can be easily exchanged at specialized exchange offices..

Import and export of currency

There are no restrictions on the import of currency into Ireland, i.e. you can bring in any amount of local and foreign currency. And you can only take out the amount declared upon entry into the country. Funds in excess of those indicated in the declaration are transferred to travel checks or confirmed by checks on the exchange operations carried out in local banks.

Currency exchange in Ireland

It has already been said above that it is best to fly to Ireland with the euro, but if you arrived with a different currency, then it can be easily exchanged. The first place where you can do this is at the airport, but there are often unprofitable rates or overpriced commissions. It is best to exchange the main part of the currency directly in the city.
In the city, money can be exchanged at specialized exchange offices, banks, hotels. Accordingly, a more favorable rate is offered by banks.
Round the clock, you can get money through ATMs. Credit cards and traveler's checks, popular payment systems, are widely used. When cashing Euro checks, you will need a plastic card. The number of checks is not limited.
Ireland is switching to chip-based credit cards. Therefore, ordinary cards with magnetic tape are not accepted everywhere. Try to get the latest credit card before your trip.


  • Currency in Ireland
  • Currency in Ireland