Travel to Ireland

Travel to Ireland

Travel to Ireland

A trip to Ireland is green double-decker buses, left-hand traffic and sheep crossing roads in the wrong places. There are a lot of speed limit signs on the roads, and travel through this amazingly picturesque country by car or bus can be much slower than by train..

Public transport

The main way to get around and between cities is by buses. The route network covers most of the country's settlements.
There are special buses that travel around Dublin: green double-decker cars. In addition to them, there is also a railway connection in the capital, which connects the capital with its suburbs..

Bus tickets can be bought from the driver. In addition, a system of travel passes is provided, valid both for one day and for a whole month. If you wish, you can buy a pass for only a few trips.

There are also special train-bus tickets that allow you to travel around the country by both buses and trains. As a rule, the validity of such a pass is on average a week.


Taxis in Ireland are simply impossible not to recognize. The black cab, known all over the world, has not changed its appearance for many years. Modern cars have appeared on the streets relatively recently..

The cost of the trip is calculated based on the total distance and the time spent by the driver to cover it..


All major cities in the country are interconnected. So from Dublin you can go to Shannon, Sligo, Cork or Galway.

If necessary, you can travel to the UK. Airlines offer charter flights to any city in Ireland that has its own airport complex. The quality of service is in no way inferior to European companies.


The situation with rail transport is such that you can get to any town in the country by train. The cars will surprise you with their clean and comfortable. On a trip you will be offered to go one of two classes: the first (super standard); the second (standard). Trains are also presented in two classes: second class - standard; first class - super standard.

There is a high-speed connection in Dublin. The line includes 25 stations. This is a very convenient way to travel around the capital, as it covers most of it, as well as the main area of ​​the suburb. Trains want every 20 minutes, starting at six in the morning. The last flight is at 23.45. Tickets can be purchased at any of the stations.

Water transport

The ferry connects to the UK, France and the Isle of Man. Ferries depart from the ports of Dublin, Rossler and Cork. The price depends on the class of the vessel and the season of the year.

In addition to ferries, you can ride one of the many boats. There are regular flights to almost all the islets located near the coast..


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