Rest in Jerusalem - photo. Summer Holidays in Jerusalem (Israel) 2015

Holidays in Jerusalem

Holidays in Jerusalem

Holidays in Jerusalem are old and modern buildings, dilapidated oriental bazaars and newest shopping centers, as well as a developed tourist infrastructure.

Top leisure activities in Jerusalem

  • Excursion: as part of the tours, you will be able to admire the city from the observation deck of the Mount of Olives, visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Chapel of St. Helena, the Western Wall, the Monastery of the Assumption of Our Lady, the tomb of King David, the Holocaust Museum and the Rockefeller Museum, see the Threshold of the Doomsday, the Stone of Confirmation, walk in the Garden of Gethsemane. You should definitely go on an evening walk around Jerusalem - you will be offered to walk through the Old City, look at the Montefiore mill, the Wailing Wall, as well as a laser show in the Historical Museum of Jerusalem.
  • Active: those who wish can have fun in the nightclubs “The underground”, “The winery”, “Blue hole pub”, play paintball, ride a horse, travel around Jerusalem on a buggy.
  • Family: the whole family should visit the Biblical Zoo, stroll through the Liberty Bell Park and Wohl Rose Garden, have a quiet time or do sports activities on the equipped grounds in Kiftzova Park, ride the Time Elevator - an attraction with special effects that tells about the history of Jerusalem.

Prices for tours to Jerusalem

The best time to visit Jerusalem is considered the beginning of March - May and September - November. Since these periods, as well as the end of December - mid-January, are high seasons, it is worth preparing for the increase in the cost of travel to the capital of Israel. If your goal is to save money, go to Jerusalem in the summer: due to hot weather, tour prices are dropping.

On a note!

It is convenient to get around the city by buses, but those who plan to visit remote areas of the city should keep in mind that they do not go on flights on Friday nights and Saturdays..

In crowded places, it is not recommended to behave noisily and publicly express your emotions, and when entering a public institution, you should smile and say hello to everyone. To reduce the initial cost of goods, when visiting markets and private shops, it is appropriate to bargain.

It should be noted that when visiting large stores and supermarkets at the entrance, it is customary to show the contents of the bags to the guards..

As a souvenir of your vacation in Jerusalem, you should bring Israeli wine, cosmetics with minerals and salts of the Dead Sea, a pilgrimage set (blessed oil and a handful of Jerusalem land), religious souvenirs (candles, crosses, icons), jewelry, stylish clothes and fashion accessories. electronics, audio and video equipment, ceramics, leather and fur products.

Jerusalem (Israel)

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