Excursions in Jerusalem. Sightseeing tours of Jerusalem

Excursions in Jerusalem

Excursions in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is primarily of interest to those tourists who are not indifferent to the history of religions. The shrines of three world religions at once are concentrated here: Christianity, Islam and Judaism, therefore, among the guests of the city, most of them are pilgrims. But whatever the status of the trip, excursions in Jerusalem will help you to better know and understand what this colorful city lived in antiquity and is still living today. After all, there are sights at every step, and unknowingly, you can just walk by without giving them proper attention..

Therefore, before going to Israel, it makes sense to look for a suitable tour for yourself in «city ​​of three religions». So it will be easier for you to understand what each of these religions owes to Jerusalem, and, of course, to visit historical monuments of not only religious but also secular significance. Keep in mind that the programs of such tours may vary significantly, and this is reflected not only in the list of visited attractions, but also in prices. You can get an idea of ​​Jerusalem in advance either from the reviews of tourists, or by studying the historical literature..

What can be seen on excursions?

Sightseeing tours in Jerusalem, as a rule, are conducted precisely in religious places. This is the Dome of the Rock mosque, otherwise - Kubbat al-Sakhra, this is the famous Wailing Wall, which was once the western wall of the Second Jerusalem Temple, which suffered destruction in the 1st century AD, this is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Christians will also be shown Via Dolorosa - this is the Latin name for the Way of the Cross, or the Road of Sorrow. According to the Gospel, this is the path that Jesus went to Golgotha. You will be introduced to the Cathedral of St. James, as well as taken to the Tsidkiyahu caves, which are nothing more than the quarries of King Solomon.

The list of memorable places that you can visit will look something like this:

  • Dome of the Rock Mosque;
  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher;
  • Wall of Tears;
  • Via Dolorosa;
  • Cathedral of St. James;
  • Quarries of King Solomon;
  • Tower of David;
  • Monastery of Mary Magdalene.

And even though the current state of Israel has existed for a little more than fifty years, it still has a long history, and as for Jerusalem, it can rightfully be called one of the oldest cities in the world. Therefore, it is possible that the list of attractions will not be the same as above, but more extensive. Alternatively, the excursion can be only Muslim, only Jewish or only Christian places of the city. But anyone who wants to expand their horizons always has the opportunity to go to «mixed» excursion.

Jerusalem (Israel)

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  • Excursions in Jerusalem
  • Excursions in Jerusalem
  • Excursions in Jerusalem