Transport in Israel. Public transport in Israel - types, development

Transport in Israel

Transport in Israel

Transport in Israel is a well-developed system of rail and road transport, as well as domestic flights..

The main types of transport in Israel

  • Public transport: this includes intercity buses, intercity buses and fixed-route taxis, and there are also high-speed trams in Jerusalem, and the metro in Haifa. You should be aware that if there are no people at the stops, the bus (you can buy a ticket only from the driver) will not stop, which means that to get out you need to press one of the buttons on the handrails. When moving around Israeli cities, you need to keep in mind that from Friday evening to Saturday evening, almost no mode of transport works (with the exception of fixed-route taxis). It is worth noting that it is not only more convenient to travel by fixed-route taxis (local and intercity routes) (they drop off passengers at stops and on demand), but also a little cheaper than by buses. But due to the lack of a clear timetable, you may have to wait before the minibus starts its journey, because it must fill up with passengers..
  • Rail: Comfortable, air-conditioned trains take you to major Israeli cities and suburbs. Exceptions are Eilat, Galilee and Golan Heights (trains do not go there). Tickets can be purchased at ticket offices or special machines. To get a 10% discount, you should immediately purchase round-trip tickets. In addition, discounts are provided for different groups of passengers: for pensioners - 50%, students - 10%, children under 10 years old - 20% (children under 5 years old travel by train for free).


The prices for taxi services are quite high: you can pay for them by the meter or by agreeing on the price with the driver in advance. If you decide to order a taxi by phone, please note that you will be charged an additional fee, and a taxi ride at the night rate will cost about 25% more..

In the country, you can use the services of tourist taxis: the driver of such a taxi is also a professional guide who will arrange an introductory tour of the city for you (this service is provided by companies, information about which can be found in any hotel).

Car rent

To get anywhere in the country, you should rent a car. To draw up a contract, you (minimum age 21-24) will need an international driving license, which must be valid for at least another 2 years. In addition, you will need to provide the details of your credit card (the amount for the rental will be written off from it + the security deposit will be withheld) and take out insurance. Important: you need to hold on to the steering wheel with both hands (the police closely monitor this), all passengers must be wearing seat belts, and when driving outside the city, you need to turn on the headlights (in good weather, it is forbidden to use fog lights). You should also not leave the car at the side of the road, painted in red-yellow or red-white colors (it will be evacuated).

Thanks to the constantly developing and improving transport infrastructure in Israel, traveling around the country is a pleasure..


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