Best restaurants in Milan - photos, prices

Best restaurants in Milan

Best restaurants in Milan

Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Milan every year not only to wander around the world capital of fashion and visit boutiques of the most famous brands and couturiers, but also to taste the masterpieces of local cuisine. The best restaurants in Milan will help them with this. Restaurants are very popular among the residents of the fashionable capital themselves. Experienced tourists know firsthand about the skills of local chefs.

Bohemian luxury for connoisseurs

In the restaurant "Antica Trattoria Della Pesa" you can find the most exquisite and unusual local cuisine. Here you can taste risotto with airy soufflé, poached pears in wine and polenta. The chic interior, delicious dishes and high quality service affect the pricing policy of the establishment. However, the restaurant is very popular with both locals and tourists..

Elite restaurant "Bebel's Ristorante" is very popular among the local elite. Here visitors can taste traditional Italian cuisine and specialties from Lombardy. Excellent risotto and various seafood dishes are also prepared here..

Hearty, tasty and cozy

Ristorante Da Giulia offers its customers the best Mediterranean cuisine prepared according to a special signature recipe. Traditional Italian spaghetti, seafood dishes and delicious desserts - no Italian restaurant can do without it. But visitors fell in love with it not only for this, but also for a special warm and cozy home atmosphere..

The Trattoria Milanese restaurant is no less attractive. For 75 years of its existence, the policy and service of the institution have practically not changed. Simple and uncomplicated dishes are served here, prepared with the utmost care and love. The generous portions will also delight visitors. People come here to taste the specialty zampone with lentils, various types of risotto.

Sweet paradise

The Chocolat Milan restaurant offers a wide variety of sweets and desserts. Local confectioners are masters of successful culinary experiments. Only here you can try:

  • anise and cinnamon chocolate;
  • chocolate in balsamic vinegar;
  • chocolate with basil and lemon.


The Shambala-Shambala Vietnamese restaurant is attractive for its special enchanting ambiance. The abundance of silk textiles, candles and subtle soft lighting make this restaurant a great place for a romantic dinner or a measured conversation with friends. Vietnamese dishes are beyond praise here.


  • Best restaurants in Milan
  • Best restaurants in Milan
  • Best restaurants in Milan