Milan for children - what to see. Where to go with your child in Milan

Milan for kids

Milan for kids

Milan is better known as the shopping capital. But if you happen to be in Milan with children, then here you can also find entertainment and excursions for them. Basically, of course, these excursions will be of interest to lovers of history and architecture. These are excursions to the Duomo Cathedral, Sforcesco Castle.


The Duomo Cathedral impresses with its monumentality and exquisite architecture. There are many statues and bas-reliefs here that make it look like a fairytale castle. It will be interesting for a child to climb to the roof of the cathedral. A magnificent view of the city opens from here.
The Sforcesco castle, first of all, captivates with its appearance. Massive walls and interesting architecture can remind children of the times of chivalry. There are several museums here: a sculpture museum, a collection of paintings and furniture. Boys will be interested in the exhibition of ancient weapons.
The Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology will surely appeal to curious schoolchildren who are fond of technology and mechanics. Shown here are machines designed by Leonardo da Vinci. In addition to them, other important inventions are exhibited here: a steam locomotive, a telescope.
Younger kids can be entertained by riding the tram. The route passes through the most famous tourist attractions. The tour is led by a guide.


There are several places for children in Milan.
One of them is the City Garden. You can only get here with a child under 12 years old. The garden is calm and quiet, you can walk along the lawns and sit on the grass. Kids can run and play.
Another place adapted for children is the Cascina Cuccagna estate. Here the territory is equipped with children's tables, drawing and modeling accessories. It also hosts various master classes in laboratories and workshops..
There is also a city aquarium in Milan. There is not such a large collection of marine animals and fish, but, nevertheless, it can interest any child.

Amusement park

There is also an amusement park in Milan. It is located on Lake Garda. A huge number of all kinds of attractions are presented here: carousels, slides, trains, tree houses and many other unforgettable entertainments. And also performances are held here every day..
Another children's place in Milan is the ice cream parlor. Local ice cream is made without dyes, from natural ingredients. The portions here are also special for children. Also, children are given bibs and pencils for drawing on a special wall..


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