Holidays in Milan - photo. Summer Holidays in Milan (Italy) 2015

Holidays in Milan

Holidays in Milan

A vacation in Milan is a chance to see outstanding buildings of world architecture, go for good shopping, attend fashion shows, taste Italian cuisine ...

The main activities in Milan

  • Excursion: programs include walking around the Quadrilatero della Moda quarter (here you can buy clothes from famous brands) and Cathedral Square, visiting the Royal Palace, La Scala Opera House, Duomo Cathedral (here you will learn about the history of the building and which masters took part in its construction), the Sforza castle, the monastery of Santa Maria del Grazie (here it is worth admiring the fresco "The Last Supper" created by Leonardo da Vinci), the Pinacoteca of Brera, the San Siro stadium, a visit to the Vittorio Emmanuele II gallery.
  • Active: those who wish can have fun in the nightclubs "L'Angelo Nero", "Alcatraz", "Gasoline" (will appeal to fans of dance shows and theme parties), "American Disaster", stroll through the ancient and mysterious dungeons of the Sforza Castle, play golf on equipped courses, canyoning (in the summer months, descents are carried out in the Acquaduro gorge), frolic on water attractions in the Gardaland water park.
  • Event-driven: if you wish, you can visit the festive procession to the Annunciation (January 6), the Carnival Ambrosian Carnival (spring), the Fiera dei Fiori Flower Fair (April), the Day of the Assumption of the Virgin (August 5).

Prices for tours to Milan

The ideal time to visit Milan is April-May, September-October (prices at this time delight in their attractiveness). Despite the fact that it is quite hot in summer, this time of year is considered the high season, so tours to Milan are on the rise. Although winter is considered a relatively low season, the prices for stays to this Italian city increase during the New Years, during the sales season (January) and during Fashion Week (February)..

On a note!

Any attraction can be reached by metro or bus. But before visiting religious sites, it is worth clarifying when is the best time to go there on an excursion, since they are closed for tourists at lunchtime and during services. It is worth considering that many restaurants, banks and other establishments are closed from 14:00 to 16:00 (siesta).

Do not try to "catch" a taxi on the street - local drivers will not stop the car in the wrong place: for this purpose it is worth moving to the nearest transport stop.

Experienced travelers are advised to bring fashionable shoes, clothes and accessories, fur coats and sheepskin coats, small copies of car models, designer furniture, Murano glass products, carnival masks, Italian cheeses, wine, olive oil from Milan..


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  • Holidays in Milan
  • Holidays in Milan
  • Holidays in Milan