Viewpoints of Rome. List of the best viewpoints in Rome

Rome viewpoints

Rome viewpoints

Are you one of those groups of tourists who, when visiting different cities, prefer to climb higher? To the services of lovers of unique panoramas - observation decks of Rome.

Capitol hill

Climbing the hill (46 m above sea level) is completely free (the fee is charged only for visiting the museums and temples that are located here) along one of 3 stairs, you can see the statue of Marcus Aurelius and the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracheli, as well as the observation deck to admire the views of the Roman Forum.

Address: Piazza del Campidoglio.

Castel Sant'Angelo viewpoint

The ascent to the observation platform will be rewarded with views of the Tiber with graceful bridges opening from here (looking at the local beauty, you can see the area with narrow medieval streets - Trastevere).

Address: Lungotevere Castello, 50; entrance ticket costs 10.5 euros (the price includes a visit to the museum; on Mondays the museum is closed).

Viewpoint of the Spanish Steps

Travelers will be able to admire the panoramic view of Rome by finding a small observation deck at the top of the stairs, near the Trinita dei Monti temple (it is worth looking at the staircase itself from above - you will see that its steps have different widths). In the warm season, jugglers, musicians and magicians appear at the foot of the stairs - they entertain tourists with colorful actions.

Address: Scalinita di Trinita dei Monti

Dome of St. Peter's Cathedral

This Cathedral, which rises to 136 m, is one of the best observation platforms from which you can admire the Vatican, Rome, St. Peter's Square and the surrounding streets. Information about prices: hiking costs 5 euros; elevator services are paid at a price of 7 euros (you will not be able to take the elevator all the way - you will have to walk another 300 degrees along a narrow spiral staircase).

How to get there? You can get to the cathedral by tram number 19 or bus number 49 or 590 (address: Piazza San Pietro).


The central part of the composition is occupied by the statue of Victor Emmanuel II, and at the top of the monument you can find an equipped terrace-platform, which can be reached by a panoramic elevator, paying 7 euros (available for visiting until 17:30, and in the winter months - until 16:30) - from here you will be able to see the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and almost the entire city.

Address: Piazza Venezia.

Panoramic platform on the Pincho hill

To get the opportunity to contemplate almost all of Rome from a height, you need to climb the hill from the Piazza del Popolo side. Right there on the hill you will be able to sit on a bench, resting in the shade of trees.

Hotel "Forum Roma"

It is worth coming here to visit the Italian restaurant located on the terrace - from here you have a chance to admire the Pantheon, Colosseum, domes of Roman churches.

Address: Via Tor dei Conti 25-30.


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  • Rome viewpoints
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